Dialed in, locked and loaded

  • When:06/10/2014
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Soft Pretzel, Strange Brew, Spinner, Jamboree, Tuti, Udder, Honey Bee (QiC) Almost PAX: Chipotle and Mermaid

Dialed in, locked and loaded

The 7 men of Swift had their work cut out for them today.  The plan was easy, 6 repetitions of 400 meters at “Repetition” pace which corresponds nicely to a 1-mile race pace.  The work came in making sure the pace was consistent and appropriate for the 1-mile time trials on Saturday at the Olympics. This is harder than it sounds but will pay off with extraordinary times in the mile run.

All 7 were there at 5:15 ready to get in a 15 minute warmup and running drill exercise.  Actually, there were 9.  Mermaid and Chipotle got caught up in the excitement and almost joined us.  However, our chiding was not enough to convince them in the end and they stayed for the slaughter Haggis laid down at Bagpipes.

After wandering around the office park and doing some running drills (as best as we could remember them), the 7 wandered around some more for a total of around 1.5 miles before entering the Bull Ring ready to do business.

All the PAX had some 400’s run too fast and too slow.  However, what was great about repeating the 400 for 6 times was that some exploration of the appropriate pace for a 1-mile race could be done.  It is amazing the difference that 10 seconds in a 400 makes on the feeling in your legs at the end!

Everyone did a great job out there today.  Jamboree was nice to explain some 1-mile run strategies to some of us.  (which will not be shared here so that advantage is retained for those lucky enough to be there) Spinner is recovering from some hip issues but posted consistently strong times today.  Soft Pretzel was also pushing it today and showed some strong pacing ability.

Udder had some great form tips out there today. However, half way through the workout he did sport an interesting shirt situation.  Not sure if it resembled a prison yard gang symbol or if he was just showing off some abs.  It was hot and humid though, so I won’t judge.  Strange Brew also put in a strong performance and kept shirted up until COT.

At the end of the 5th repetition, Udder yelled that we had lost Tuti.  After looking around for him some, the truth came out that nature had called. Although it was probably not timed, that was probably the fastest sprint of the day!  Luckily all was well, and we met up with him at COT.


– F3 Area 51 Olympics are Saturday 6 – 8 am and Pool Party is Saturday 6 – 9 pm.

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