• When:06/09/14
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Honey Bee, Mighty Mite, Rock Thrill, Dead Lift, Loogie, The Worm, M. Tussaud, Soft Pretzel, Frehley, Market Timer


Eleven mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers crawled down from their limbs and smacked Monday on the hind quarters.

After a quick warm up of SSH, IW, squats & merkins, and a mention of the forgotten #Disclaimer, we lined up for two-man grinders.


  • PAX 1:  Hairburner to light pole and back
  • PAX 2:  Two-handed swings to 100 combined.


  • PAX 1:  Hairburner to light pole and back
  • PAX 2:  One-handed swings to 100 combined.


  • PAX 1:  Hairburner to light pole and back
  • PAX 2:  Cleans to 100 combined.


  • PAX 1:  Jog to median and back
  • PAX 2:  Snatches to 50 combined.


  • PAX 1:  Hairburner to light pole and back
  • PAX 2:  Pax Choice squat to 80 combined.


  • PAX 1:  Hairburner to light pole and back
  • PAX 2:  Press to 80 combined.


  • All Pax KB lunge walk to light pole
  • All Pax backwards KB lunge walk (1/2 way back)
  • All PAx KB side lunge walk (the rest of the way)


  • Flutter with press
  • Dolly with press
  • Iron Grandma (situps with KB on chest)



  • Honey Bee needed the plates and it seemed a shame to bring them all that way and not use them.
  • After chasing Intel around at his FNG post Saturday, Dead Lift seemed relieved to be among people who understood his meathead sensibilities: plenty of iron, the promise of little-to-no running…”Hey, look! Plates!  I love plates.  But…but where are the bars?  And the benches? Why are we putting them on the ground?”  I admit–I was peeking to see if he would #Horsehead in the grass but he appeared to make through without churning up the last night’s creatine shake.  Always a plus.
  • Much to the consternation of their partners, Madame T and Soft Pretzel were just killing the plates. Back way too soon….
  • After the crowd dispersed, Might Mite put on a shot put clinic, in anticipation of the event for this Saturday’s Games of the 51st  A Limp, He Had. Mighty Mite’s 4 year HS putting career summed up in one sentence:  Put it on your neck and throw it as far as you can.


  • Support the 51 A Limp, He Had this Saturday:  0600 at S CLT Middle.  Winners get medals.  The rest are losers.
  • HC to the Pool Party at the Sign Up Genius link in the preblast:
  • Lots of other stuff going on.  Get on Twitter.  Check it.

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