Running Who Needs It

  • When:06/09/14
  • QIC: Fireman Ed
  • The PAX: Smash, Sprout, Philmont (FNG to basecamp), Insomniac, Hopper, Pele, JV, Bellaire, Chunk, Swanson, Boomer (WD respect), Fireman Ed (Q)

Running Who Needs It

With thick humidity lurking in the air 12 brothers of the South Charlotte ventured into the gloom this morning for a beat down.



The Thang:


Warm up:  one and half laps around the parking lot.  With some high knees and ankle slappers


Circle up with a count down of 10 merkins


We do an exercise 10-20 reps then do 10 merkins, do another exercise 10-20 reps then 9 merkins and so on down to one merkin.  Since the Q can’t remember the count for each he will list the exercise and the order might be off a little too



10 Merkins


9 Merkins

Slow Squats

8 Merkins

Mountain Climbers

7 Merkins


6 Merkins

Peter Parkers

5 Merkins

Jump squats

4 Merkins

Parker Peters

3 Merkins


2 Merkins

Carolina Dry Docs

1 Merkins


After a good little warm up Mosey over to the football field for some mary and a little running.

Partner up.

Partner 1 does mary and partner 2 runs across the field and back, then flip flop.  Plank after each round until every one is done


Round 1:  The Flutter

2: dolly

3. Bicycle

4. Sid the Kid

5. Rosalita

6. The groups pick the mason twist



Mosey to the middle of the field and circle up for some cool down Jack Webb, a must at a Fireman Eds workouts.

All the way up to 6 merkins and 24 air presses


Slow Mosey over to the baseball field bleachers


First round: 10 dips, 10 step ups, 10 pull ups, 10 Carolina Dry Docks

Second round:  you choose three out of the 4 plank when done


Mosey up to the lavatories for some peoples chair, two rounds with arms straight out


Moleskin:  Great job today pack, strong performances.  Philmont welcome to base camp he was an FNG to base camp!  Thank you all for the honor of letting me lead. Please everyone keep Pele’s wife in your prayers.




Goruck light coming up check website for more info


Pool Party this Saturday please contact Bugeater with any questions

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10 years ago

Disappointed to miss base camp for the first time since I started F3. Always fun with you guys. Glad to see many of the new studs were out! See you next week. #wherewasbigtop #fartsacker #greetingsfromisleofpalmssc

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