Preblast: Let’s get Swift

  • When:06/10/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee

Preblast: Let’s get Swift

Bratwurst is training in different arenas this week and left YHC to carry the torch this week.  Lucky for him, the new arenas are more lucrative than leading a free workout at the butt crack of dawn.

This week we will head back to the Bull Ring for some 400 meter intervals with 400 meter recovery. The required speed is the 1 mile Race pace (a.k.a. Repetition Pace or R-pace from the calculator at  These intervals should not be at an all out effort.  This should be good training to dial in your 1-mile race pace for the Olympics this weekend.  

Here is the plan in bullet form:

– 5:15 optional 15 minute warmup jog (pronounced with a soft “j”) with some running drills

– 5:30 meet up with the main group and head out again for a 1-mile warm up run and the main event – 6 x 400 m intervals with 400 m recovery

See you in the steamy gloom.


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