Nope, no running… well, less than usual… sort of.

  • When:06/09/14
  • QIC: Young Love
  • The PAX: O'Tannenbaum, Floor Slapper, FNG- Binary (Michael W.), Blue Hen, Uncle Leo, Bluegrass, CMD (respect), Alf, Lobster Roll, Clown Car, Liquor Cycle (ruck), Young Love

Nope, no running… well, less than usual… sort of.

Hello Summer!!! 12 men gathered in the humid haze of the late spring, early morning gloom to start the week off with a little physical exertion. Given that the sweat began to drip before we even started to pour, we decided to get right to it and jumped right into


– Run around school (including the track, for those who are following along at home)

– circle up in rear lot for COP:

  • Standard mix of SSH/IW/Merkin/Mtn Climber/Peter Parker/Parker Peter

– Mosey to cinder blocks. Partner up, one block for each set of partners.

– Catch Me If You Can (“CMIYC”): Partner 1 runs with block; Partner 2 does 5 burpees; Flapjack as necessary. Run to the far side of the track.

– 7s across infield width of track: squat jumps and hand-release merkins.

– Partner work with blocks: Partner 1 runs around track, Partner 2 does called exercise. Flapjack. Plank until the 6 is in.

  • Exercises: Overhead Press/Flutter with Press/Good Morning/Forward Lunge

– CMIYC to stumps.

– Partner 1 does 10 (per leg) step-ups on stump (with block). Partner 2 runs to school wall, completes 20 donkey kicks, runs back to stumps and completes merkins until Partner 1 finishes. Flapjack.

– CMIYC to return blocks to their block home.

– Plank, 5 count, AYG sprint to the cars.



  • So, Liquor Cycle is rumored to have rucked 10 miles prior to joining us this morning. He then proceeded to strap his ruck back on for the workout. YHC was pleasantly humored when LC asked if we were going to do much running and who was on Q, then muttered something I couldn’t quite hear (and definitely not fit for family friendly printing) when he found out it was me. I told him we weren’t going to run, well, run much, anyway. Well, not as much as usual, at least. To his credit, he kept that ruck on, kept up with the rest of the crew and then rode home on his motorcycle (not a scooter, in case you were wondering) without taking the ruck off.
  • No frogs were hurt in the performance of our workout this morning. While calling out the usual warnings for bumps and holes while running around the school in the dark, Alf took me by surprise when he called out “frog.” Gotta say, I haven’t heard that one before.
  • Congrats on taking the red pill this morning. Good work out there. Hope to see you in the gloom again real soon.


  • Check the website, read the email of the week. It’s all there and printed more accurately than I could have said it.


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