• When:06/07/2014
  • QIC: Purple Haze, Spackler
  • The PAX: Radar, Tiger Rag, Jamboree, Philmont, Grimes (FNG Daniel B.), Splinter, Soul Glow, Semi-Gloss, Farside, Boomer (WD, Double Respect), Kuechly, Boutique, Prohibition, Purple Haze, Spackler


The shovel flag was planted and, as Old Glory flew in the morning breeze, 15 men launched into #F3DayZero. Here’s what we did:

The Thang

Purple Haze Q

Run a half lap around the track, exit the back gate onto Baybrook Lane and then over to the Tuesday Morning parking lot for COP:

  • Merkins x 20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 25 IC
  • SSHs x 70 IC (70 in honor of the 70th anniversary of D-Day yesterday)

Run up the steps back and to the stop sign at the bottom of Baybrook. Divide into groups of 3 for hill grinders…Partner A exercise at bottom, Partner B running up the hill, Partner C exercise at top…keep rotating until the Q gets tired. Exercises:

  • Bottom – Flutter Kicks, Dollies, Jump Squats
  • Top – Merkins, CDDs, Diamonds

Gather back up at the bottom. AYG sprint on Bevington from Baybrook to Carswell.

  • Active recovery – 10 Burpees OYO

AYG sprint from stop sign to top of hill on Carswell.

  • Lunge walk from light pole to light pole
  • Squat pivot from light pole to light pole.

Mosey back to the parking lot.

Spackler Q

Mosey to the rock pile and grab a rock for some catch me if you can with a partner.

  • Partner A run the track with the rock
  • Partner B – 10 Diamonds and then run to catch Partner A
  • Flapjack until 2 laps are completed

Then gather up for some of Spackler’s famous Alabama Slamma:

  • Partner A – 20 Merkins
  • Partner B – Bicep Curls
  • Flapjack
  • Keep doing this 19, 18, 17….4, 3, 2, 1
  • Early finishers take a lap

Circle up for Mary:

  • Dollies x 25 IC
  • LBCs x 70 OYO

Done. COT.


74 and humid at 0700 this morning. Thankfully, there was a little breeze…however, it offered very little relief on the hill grinders. YHC’s Q was meant to vary our heart rates, which seemed to be accomplished. All the men pushed it hard up the hill and everyone was fast down the hill. TR almost blew through the stop sign, twice. The Baybrook Lane hill is not too bad…but it provides plenty of pain when you run it hard, over and over and over and over again.

Plenty of people out in the neighborhood and someone in our group kept trying to EH someone they knew…strong effort but the Billy Zane could not be achieved…next time perhaps.

Spackler took over and immediately had us running while carrying rocks. That’s never any fun no matter how you slice it. Then, having admittedly not planned anything in advance, he went with his old standby…no, not Murderhorn, even though he offered to load us all up in his truck to take us over there…instead, the Alabama Slamma…210 Merkins while alternating in bicep curls. This got us all swole up.

Plenty of chatter during the Slamma, including a Philmont mentioning a “greasy BBQ sandwich served on an old dirty ash tray” which he noted was a reference to the movie Weird Science. This got Prohibition reminiscing about his youthful crush on Kelly LeBrock.

TR went refusenik after a while and started challenging some of the Pax to see how long they hold the rock straight out.

Despite the humidity, Semi-Gloss kept his shirt on the whole time.

Soul Glow actually showed up on a Saturday.

Radar’s softer side was evident this morning, as he was almost encouraging, almost thoughtful.

Farside tried to send his Father-in-law, Boomer, to SCMS for DayZero…nice move to attempt to ace the in-law…however, conscience got the better of him and Farside called him over to McAlpine Elem at the last moment.

Splinter split after the 1st half when he heard he’d have to wear his running shoes on the grass field during Spackler’s Q.

Solid group of men. Solid effort by all. Great send off by Philmont.


  • Flex workout on Monday…0530 at Calvary…bring your foam roller. Wear yoga pants.
  • CSAUP Olympics next Saturday. Day Zero is closed. Reopening on 6/21 with Hairball & Radar on Q.
  • Pool party next Saturday. RSVP. Spray tan.


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