Finiding your animal spirit

  • When:06/06/2014
  • QIC: Udder
  • The PAX: Purple Haze, Hops, Escargot, Checkpoint, Champagne, Run Stopper, Chelms, Sunrise, Blackbeard, Outback, Snowflake, Cane, Mermaid, Caveman, Philmont, Long Distance, Strange Brew, Boomer (WD), Jamboree, Brushback, Frasier, Hannibal, Abacus, Frehley's Comet, Dirty Jersey (WB?), Leroy, Blades of glory, Udder (QIC)

Finiding your animal spirit

couples retreat spirit animal film props


YHC painstakingly took voice recorder notes of Pax names and announcements and then promptly deleted the recording. Many thanks to The Stand Pax who came up with all 28 names. Sound off in comments about announcements. On to the show!

28 of A51’s brethren forsook the fartsack this morning to take a trip both body and mind to find their true animal spirit. YHC was their guide and intended not to disappoint. (9 crazy animals showed up early for some Kettle “Ball” Bell warmups)

MWP (mosey with pain)
Run about 200 meters, give or take, and settle in for an exercise IC x 33, get back on the horse and mosey some more, exercise, mosey, exercise… you get the picture.

  1. Side Straddle Hop
  2. Imperial Walkers
  3. Merkins (Q-failure was imminent)
  4. Squats

The thang – Ark loader with tribute – Aquatics center. Partner up, P1 perform animal exercise for 5 parking spaces, 12 tribute exercises, 5 more spots, 11 tribute, last 5 spots, 10 tribute. Run back to partner, Flip flop exercises. P2 does tribute exercise x 33 till P1 gets back. Plank till all are done.

  1. Bear crawl, cdd (12, 11, 10)
  2. Bunny hop, bombs jacks/star jacks
  3. Duck walk, jump squats
  4. Crab walk, Russian twist
  5. Dragon walk, merkins

YHC’s goal was to inflict maximum muscle failure. Mission accomplished. With arm’s, legs and core smoked we took a stroll next door to check into hospice care, and meet with Mary.

YHC asked Chelms what his fav Mary was, his reply “______ , uh I don’t have one”. Turning to contestant #2 (Purple Haze), he answered, “Alternating speed Freddie Mercury’s.” Good choice my friend.


  1. Alt Speed Freddie Mercury – IC x 33
  2. LBC – IC x 33
  3. Flutter – IC x 33
  4. Heels to Heaven – IC x 33 (crowd pleaser)

Get em up and mosey back to shovel flag. WAIT! I still have 2 minutes and we havn’t done any Burpees. WHAT!!!

Grab your partner and get to 33 Burpees any way you can.

Although it may seem like a special theme was present in 33, there was none. YHC is 33 and has been for about 9 months. YHC did just mark Memorial Day as 1 year F3 strong. For all you sports fans out there keeping track. The Pax hit anywhere from 600-650 exercises this morning. Plenty of mumblechatter from the usual suspects. After learning the theme, many tried Q-jacking to lessen the beat down. C’mon Son! Merkins IC x 33 was more than difficult, and YHC was chastised multiple times during the work to see if he had what it takes. Fortunately for YHC, a garbage trunk came danger close to our AP and we held at 28. With the “danger” past, we continued on. Nothing like stopping and having to start up again. Ark Loader never disappoints. From the looks of it, Hannibal is a Crab, Cane, Checkpoint and PH are Bears, Runstopper is a Dragon (understandably so), Fraiser and a few more to my right were Bunnies, and Chelms turned out to be a Monkey (wait, did we do Monkey Humpers?) Sadly, YHC is still an Udder. I suppose there are worse things.

Strong work from a remarkable group of men. Many thanks in letting me lead you around our little chunk of A51. Thanks for Hops taking us out in BOM.

Thanks also to the Groundskeeper who gave us the stank-eye as we exited the parking lot. He was eager to get his shipment of sod.

Billingsville 5K tomorrow. Help the school win 10K. See site for PreBlast
Summer volunteer opportunities – See Chelms for more info
A51 CSAUP Olympics 6/14 – 6am?
A51 Pool Party 6/14 – See site for details

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Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Great job Udder. Next time I’ll tell the 2.0 we are going to the zoo and maybe I can get him out of bed.

Only an insane man has a “favorite” Mary and as expected PH didn’t hesitate with an answer. Just sayin

Left off one animal – Blades of Glory looked like a Penguin skating on ice. How did you miss that lay up?

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