Touring the Peaks of Calvary

  • When:06/04/14
  • QIC: Hannibal
  • The PAX: Abacus, Ralphie, Boutique, Prohibition, Rock Thrill, Simba, Winter Place (FNG-Anvil), Purple Haze, Mermaid, Young Love, Udder, Iron Horse (WD), Gummy, Baracus, Cane, Champagne, Big Top, Swanson, Scabby, Intel (San Fran), Hannibal (QIC)

Touring the Peaks of Calvary

The thang:

After all were properly disclaimed, we took a short jog to the parking lot with the CMPD K-9 Unit SUV (and big officer and bigger dog).

Warm up

  • SSH x25
  • IW x25
  • Mountain Climber x25
  • Peter Parker x25
  • Slow Squat x25

Mosey to top of North Face & Partner Up (size doesn’t matter)

Partner 1 runs lap while Partner 2 performs called exercise

  • Lap 1/3: Flutter
  • Lap 2/4: Dolly
  • LBCs until all pax teams complete the circuit

Mosey to large parking lot on south side of church

  • Ring of Fire (everyone assumes plank and hold; each member of circle takes a turn running around circle and resuming plank)

Mosey to bottom of Entrance 4

  • Bear crawl to top, 5 burpees, jog down
  • Lunge walk to top, 10 burpees, jog down
  • Broad jump to top, 15 burpees, jog down
  • AYG to top, 20 burpees, jog down
  • Broad jump to top, 15 burpees, jog down
  • Lunge walk to top, 10 burpees, jog down (audibled out due to time constraints)
  • Bear crawl to top, 5 burpees

AYG home for COT


A great, beautiful morning to be working out (there was even a layer of light fog hanging over the big field in front of the sanctuary. Lots of mumble chatter, particularly at the outset. Purple Haze was anxious to get going, as at 5:30:15 he asked, “What time is this workout going to get going?” Gummy gave YHC some lip about a lack of creativity in the warm up. #justwaitgummyitscoming

Great work on the hills of North Face. YHC had made a special request of the Church staff to have it mowed to 3” in preparation of our arrival. They obliged, and we hit the hill hard. The Ring of Fire in theory was a good idea, but based on the form looking around the circle about halfway through, I don’t think the pax liked it all that much. The final beat down at Entrance 4 proved to be a killer, and even with having to audible based on time constraints (the group can thank Champagne for that one), we still got in 70 burpees ON TOP OF the exercises going up the incline.

T-claps for Intel, who posted remotely from San Francisco at the same hour as we were working out at Anvil (yes, 2:30 a.m. PT). YHC had sent him the wienkie Tuesday evening, and rumor has it he was complaining as much as the pax in Charlotte.

Purple Haze closed us out strong in prayer in the middle of a wet, stinky BOM.


  • Mud Run is October 4. Start getting teams together. Gummy on Q.
  • F3 Olympics, Youth bike ride, and F3 picnic/pool party all on June 14.
  • F3 Dad’s is moving out a week and will start on June 21.
  • F3 Camp is third weekend in August at Camp Thunderbird.
  • Plug for Church on the Street from Rock Thrill. F3 does the first Sunday of the month. Link of website for signups.
  • Night Train starts this Thursday at 7:30 at Arbo ABC

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10 years ago

Hannibal – great Q today. I was smoked. Thanks for the lead. I was just trying to keep you honest. If I’m yelling at you when you are Q its because what you are doing is working. Aye. Iron Sharpens Iron.

10 years ago

I asked Younglove to be my sherpa on Northface, but he wouldn’t wait up. Great Q Hannibal. Fell asleep during Karate Kid 2 with my kids at 7:15. The fog machine at the top of NF was a nice touch.

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