Preblast: Devil’s Turn

  • When:06/05/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee

Preblast: Devil’s Turn

More of the same extended pain at Devil’s Turn this week.  We leave the greenway parking lot at the corner of Rea Rd. and Bevington Place at 5:15 and return by 6:10 for COT.

Two or more options available:

1) Warmup 1 mile at fellowship pace and then hit “Marathon” training pace out to the South Charlotte Middle school track and continue until it is time to head back.

2) Warmup 1 mile, run out to track at “Marathon” pace, once at track go to “Threshold” pace continuing at this pace until time to head back, then on the way back go back to “Marathon” pace.

Many other options available.  Do as you wish.

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