Death Valley on the road…again

  • When:5/28/2014
  • QIC: Strange Brew
  • The PAX: Runstopper, Semi Gloss, Passport, The Shore, Stump Hugger, Open House, Stage Coach, Bulldog, Turkey Leg, Stone Cold, Mall Cop, Floor Slapper, Fireman Ed, Coal Miners Daughter (WD), Skywalker, Puddin Pop, Sprout, Brown, Chanel, Uncle Leo, Schnitzel, Yankee, Lazy Boy, Strange Brew, +1 more sound off

Death Valley on the road…again

Sorry in advance for the incredibly negligent backblast post:

25 men set off on the weekly iteration of Death Valley.

YHC thought that a light jog might be in order but to avoid spoiling the plot it went something like this:

Circle jog around the parking lot to teachers parking lot for COP:

SSH x 30

Merkins x 18 What? The Q didn’t say move yet, let’s try that again

IW x 20

Jog back to the flag, grab the flag for a jog to Davie Park

Stop halfway for 20 merkins oyo

Get to park soccer field and partner up

Partner 1 wheelbarrow to fail or 40 yards whichever comes first then flapjack and return

Partner 1 10 Prairie Fire Mary’s, flapjack

Partner 1 10 derkins with feet on partner 2 shoulders, flapjack

Repeato (that seemed to slow down the Prairie Fire Mary’s quite a bit)

Jog back to the school, halfway 10 burpees oyo

Time for some Mary:

Flutter x 20

Rosalita x 20

Sid-The-Kid x 8 each way

One more that YHC can’t remember

Grab some wall for wall sit (take a load off) for 45 sec x 2

BTW x 30 sec x 2

What? 5 min left? Great time to run a lap of the track and meet back in the parking lot for COT


Thanks to the pax for going on a little road trip with me, it’s been a while since we’ve done that at a boot camp workout.  T Claps to Runstopper for some plank work and also working the pax through burpees oyo while waiting for all pax to finish the track lap.  Was good to meet Open House on the lap of the track, keep it up brother, it does get easier if you keep coming out.  Also T Claps to those pax pushing hard on the run and those that went to add some mumblechatter to push through.

Sorry for the delay on the backblast, Q fail, won’t mention the Q fail on his shoe selection for the wall sit…

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