Relays in the Rain

  • When:05/31/14
  • QIC: Dolphin
  • The PAX: Puppy Love (Respect) Great Lakes (Respect), Blowhole, Brisket, Checkpoint (Respect - Co WD), Morning After, Jamboree, Champagne, Outback, Frehley's Comet (Respect), Snowflake (Respect - Co WD), Madam Tusseau, Wingman, Haggis, Bratwurst, Coleslaw, Dr. Knoll, Mr. Bean, Skywalker, Dolphin (QIC)

Relays in the Rain

Aye, the bell tolled and 20 strong pax leapt from the confines of teir fartsack and entered the gloom for a dose of Stonehenge.

The Thang

Jog long loop (~.4 mile) to big intersection for COP.

– IW x 20
– Flutter x 20

Jog to Premier Deck (~.75 mile)with squat walk, sprint anlightge walk mixed in along the way.

Partner up (size doesn’t matter)
Round 1:
P1 – Run 1 lap around deck (.25 mile)
P2 – LBCs
Plank to regather pax

Round 2:
P1 – Run 2 laps around deck
P2 – Merkins
Plank to regather pax

Round 3:
P1 – Run 3 laps round deck
P2 – Burpees, Squats lap 2, Burpees
Plank to regather pax

Mosey to base level of deck
P1 – People’s Chair w/arm raises mixed in
P2 – Run up 2 levels, 10 LBCs, run back
Plank to regather pax

Run back to Wells Fargo lot (~.75 miles)
– stopping for Burpees at big intersection

Relays in the Rain
Split into four teams for parking lot relays
Team 1 vs. Team 2
– Teams 3 & 4 plank and Merkins
Team 3 vs. Team 4
– Teams 1 & 2 plank and Merkins

Mosey to teller lane
– LBC x 51


– Another good workout that smoked YHC. 20 pax is a strong turnout for Saturday at 0600. Great effort by all especially during the rain soaked relays.
– We never really stopped moving and covered close to 4 miles running during the workout.
– Welcome to Stonehenge FNG Great Lakes. Solid work brother and hope to see you again. Aldo good to see Wingman back after shoulder surgery. He didn’t look like he had been on the DL recently.
– Extra T-claps to theat that ran at 0500 then did KBs at 0530 and then #Stonehenge at 0600.

– T-claps to the Qs and all the pax who participated/helped in the F3 Golf Tournament. Great 2nd F and awesome fundraiser for the #F3 Foundtion. Check website for BB.
– June 14 is a big day. F3 Dads begins at Beatty Park at 0900, F3 Olympics at Death Valley AO, F3 Area 51 Pool Party at Candlewyck.

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10 years ago

Great lead (again) Dolphin! Second that non-stop movement.
A big Thanks to Bratwurst for sparking the 0500 run option, and then keeping me motivated 90 minutes later. Tripledown was straight out of Freed to Lead “Those things that are hard to attain are… play”.
Once they’re over, that is –

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