Spackler’s Birthday at The Maul

  • When:05/28/14
  • QIC: Frehley's Comet
  • The PAX: Mic Check, Blackbeard, Soft Pretzel, Puppy Love, Heartbreaker, Wingman, Long Haul, Haggis, Madam Tussauads, Frazier, Teddy, Heraldo, Bananas, Bush, Spackler, FNG, Yogurt, Header, and 3 FNG's so named POP (Preacher of Pain - pastor at Mic Check's church), Duncan (in honer of Wake Forest as an alum), Outback (in honer of New Zealand heritage - close to Australia...)

Spackler’s Birthday at The Maul

Without advance notice, the most creative thing this YHC could come up with was 34 SSH’s to celebrate Spackler’s 34th birthday. But lack of creativity was made up for with a nice workout filled with a variety for all whether you like to run or excel at Merkins or hills or even the Murderhorn at The Maul.

Warmup: SSH X 34, Imperial Walker X 20, Peter Parker Merkins X 10, Squats X 20, Parker Peter Merkins X 10, line up on the curb for 3 sets of dips with 1 leg in the air and another regular.  Finished with 10 Incline Merkins on the Curb.

Workout: Jog to hill for partner hills and Mary. Partner 1 runs to top of hill for squats X 10; partner 2 performs various sets of Mary as many reps as possible (LBC, Dolly, Flutter, Heels to Heaven, Bicycle). Finished with a  group Protractor including 2 10 count holds at 6 inches. Jogged to speed bumps where we performed various short sprints between speed bumps and exercises in between Sprints included: High Knees, Kareokee, Backward Run, Hill run, regular sprint. Exercises in between included Burpees (2 sets X 5), Diamond Merkins X 15, Jump Squats X 15. Jog behind the buildings for People’s Chair for 2 sets – 1) Overhead Press 2) 1-leg in air, rotate legs. Each for about 1 minute. 25 LBC’s during “rest” period.  Jogged to Merderhorn for 1 quick run to stop sign and back with 10 sqauts in between.  Jogged back to parking lot beside the movie theatre and finished with 3 hills running backwards up the hill for a nice thigh burn.


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