Let’s Play 18

  • When:05/29/14
  • QIC: Geraldo
  • The PAX: Country Living, Hacker, Insomniac, Simba, Swiss Miss, Huskey (FNG-Andrew Holbrook), Remington Steele, Tommy Boy (WD), Rommel (Kel Hodel-FNG), Big Top, Pumbaa, Show Tunes (Douglas Blumenthal-FNG), The Italian, Ralphie, Pele, Sensei, Dora, Chunk, Sanka, Bel Aire, Drano (Clay Tingler-FNG), Gullah, Geraldo (QIC)

Let’s Play 18

23 (4 FNGs) of Area 51’s finest joined in the pre-F3 Golf Classic activities and played the Peak 51 course.

The Thang:


  • SSH x18
  • Merkins x 18
  • IW x 18
  • Parker Peter x 18
  • LBCs x 18

Partner up for some ramp work

Partner 1 up & back Partner 2 does called exercise

  • Round 1 Lunges
  • Round 2 Freddy Mercury
  • Round 3 Wide Arm Merkins
  • Round 4 Reverse Lunges

Mosey to bleachers for circuit work:

  • Step ups x 18 (9 each leg)
  • Dips x 18
  • Squats x 18 Repeato x 3

Mosey to the track & partner up  for Catch Me If you Can

  • Lap 1 Dolly’s x 18
  • Lap 2 Flutter x 9

Move to school walls for Peoples Chair AKA “The Semi Gloss”

  • Round 1 Arms overhead
  • Round 2 Arms out in front
  • Round 3 Arm raises

Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary

  • Rosalita x 18
  • LBCs x 18
  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • Jump Squats x 18


  • It didn’t take the PAX to catch on to the thinly veiled 18 count theme today in honor of the F3 Golf Classic today, thanks for humoring YHC
  • YHC has lost count on the number of FNGs Simba has headlocked, #KeepItUp
  • Had to audible the second lap of Catch Me If You Can from a 18 to a 9 hole, YHC needs to do a better job with planning and communicating #WillGetItRightTheNextTime
  • Great effort from the PAX today in the, it’s always an honor to lead



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10 years ago

Great Q Geraldo.I hope this was a good warm up for your 18 or 15 you were able to squeeze in before the rain. Big crew this morning, I hope the FNG’s come back. You did great, keep posting.

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