Zen Moments at the Peak

  • When:05/22/14
  • QIC: Slimfast
  • The PAX: Geraldo, Dora, Sensei (FNG - Jason), Chunk, Bel-Air, The Italian (FNG - Julian), Sanka, Hacker, Remington Steele, Swiss Miss, Tommy Boy, Insomniac, Ralphie, Simba, Pele, Bing

Zen Moments at the Peak




17 Pax including 2 FNG headed for the Peak after a stirring rendition of the disclaimer.  Many men called their wives and family to tell them they loved them before ascending the Peak for a beautiful morning beatdown.

Mosey to bus parking lot… high knees and butt-kickers along the way.

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Mountain Climber x 15
Merkin x 10
Parker Peter x 15
LBC x 15
Dolly x 15
Flutter x 15

Mosey to field.  Line up facing outfield fence:
Sprint to fence + 5 merkins – jog back x2
Backwards to fence + 5 merkins – jog back
Karioke right to fence + 5 merkins – jog back
Karioke left to fence + 5 merkins – jog back
Sprint to fence + 5 merkins – jog back x2

Mosey to baseball field for some Home Run Derby grinders:

Home Plate – Squats
1st Base – CDD
2nd Base – Jump Squats
3rd Base – LBC
Group of 5, 1 man at each plate, 1 man starts as base runner.  Start the exercise for your plate, then when your base runner arrives, you sprint to next plate and do exercise for that plate.  Completed 3 rounds.

Mosey to zen rock garden in Four Mile Greenway.  Everyone find a rock to share:
20 step-ups
20 Dolly
20 Dips
3 rounds alternating rocks each time

Mosey back to field, then sprint to parking lot.  Slow jog to school for quick 45 second preacher chair, then call it a day.

Excellent work out there this morning.  Great to have two new PAX – Jason Ackiss (Sensei) and Julian Scott (The Italian).  It was an honor to lead such a great expedition of men up the Peak!  I’m already seeing guys who were FNG’s 2, 3, 5 weeks ago getting stronger.  That is awesome!

Sanka turned on some afterburners for the sprint… he was flying!  Tommy Boy was strong during the sprint/merkin repeats… way to push it.  Everyone pushed themselves… which is why we do it!


  • F3 Golf next Thursday.  Watch website for details.
  • Monday Convergence on Memorial Day at Symphony Park.  Watch twitter and website for any late updates.  Workout + Patriot 5k + Go the extra mile.  0700
  • Let Dora know if you are interested in a lighter-version of Go Ruck, F3 Spearhead is hosting a Red Light and Blue custom Go Ruck-light on Aug 9.  Proceeds go to charity.



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9 years ago

Great Q Slimfast. As always you served with a smile. And the pain in my right quad attests to the speed of Sanka. Great work guys!

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