#F3Swift – Wings Flapping

  • When:05/20/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Bratwurst, Jamboree, Long Haul, Haggis, Frasier, Honey Bee, Spinner, Soft Pretzel, Voodoo, Strange Brew, Udder, Madame Tussaud

#F3Swift – Wings Flapping

On Tuesday morning at 0515, several Sons of Ballantyne (SOB) sped off for a quick warm-up and drill.  We got in some bird walking (toes and heels), bird hopping (skips), and road runner (butt kicks and high knees) BEEP-BEEP!

Upon returning to the Vine AO, we picked up some, dropped some off, and headed out at 0530 for the Swift workout.


  • 0.5 mile warm-up (early birds got about 1.0 extra)
  • Run at 1 mile Race pace (a.k.a. Repetition Pace or R-pace from the calculator at http://runsmartproject.com/calculator) for the following intervals around the Bull Ring at Ballantyne Corporate Park:
  • 4x200m with 200m recovery jog after each – regroup PAX after set
  • 2x400m with 400m recovery jog after each – regroup PAX after set
  • 800m with 600m recovery jog
  • Can’t decide how much time we have left intervals…flapping our wings here
  • 200m with 200m recovery
  • 400m with 400m recovery
  • 2x200m with 200m recovery back to COT

The Moleskin:

  • Record for 0515 warm-up since we finally pulled in some Bagpipers, and record for Swift with 12 PAX.  Steady improvement.
  • The goal in this workout is finding the consistent 1 mile Race Pace – key for the F3 Area 51 Olympics in June.  That means that the 200m, 400m, and 800m are all run at the same pace.  It’s hard to hold back on the shorter intervals, so leave that for the races.
  • Long recovery is key for the high effort at each interval.  Breathing should return before starting the next interval, so keep the recoveries to a slow jog.
  • 24 hours have passed since this workout, so YHC doesn’t recall all of the events of yesterday morning, but 800m (0.5miles) around the Bull Ring sure does seem far…
  • Welcome to Swift FNGs Voodoo and Udder

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Honey Bee
Honey Bee
10 years ago

I have a remembrance of Haggis trying to do algebra on the first 200’s, Frasier flying past me with his loud pants, and just trying to keep Bratwurst in sight. Other than that, it is all lost in a cloud of O2 deprivation.

Great workout Bratwurst!

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