Play As They Lay

  • When:05/15/14
  • QIC: Spackler (KB)
  • The PAX: Crab Cake (KB), Frehley's Comet (WD), Pinkman, Rolling Rock, Peaches (WB), Brushback, Rock Thrill, Purple Haze, Hacksaw

Play As They Lay

It has been suggested mathematically that, because of the huge number of possibilities from shuffling a 52 card deck, it is probable that no two fair card shuffles have ever yielded exactly the same order of cards. YHC shuffled them 3 times. You just never know what hand you are gonna be dealt. I’d say the deal this morning was rather rough. And since I’m a gambling man, I would bet you $100 of Purple Haze’s $$ that the other 9 pax who joined YHC this morning would agree.

The Thang

Mosey around the theatre with various exercises at random stops.  Then we took it over to the hill where we would remain…..the whole time.

Death of Cards

YHC picks a card and pax perform a pre determined exercise following suit and number count on card.

Hearts – backwards run up hill

Diamonds – partner merkins

Spades – Burpees

Clubs – partner CDD’s

Joker – 50 LBC’s

If same suit drawn back to back, jog around Cinema and then complete the exercise.  The hand dealt today was:

King Diamonds

4 Hearts

6 Spades

3 Hearts

9 Clubs

jog around Cinema

King Clubs – crowd pleaser

7 Diamonds

Queen Clubs – wtf – I got no shoulders left

Joker – Thank God

9 Hearts – wtf – audible to forward run up hill

jog around Cinema – wait, you really didn’t draw another heart right?

10 Hearts – wtf – Audible – split up run with partner – backwards – while partner 1 runs, partner 2 does Mary.

Circle up for Mary

Dolly x 40

Flutter x 20

Ye Ole Moleskin –

Pleasure leading such a fine group.

Some observations:

Death of Cards is hurtful – so very hurtful

You know it’s bad when you are hoping for the burpee card

Had another Club or Heart been drawn – YHC may have had to make a run for it

Strong effort by Purple Haze and Rolling Rock on the hill work.  Haze must still be single.  Rolling Rock – you are leading Rebel Yell soon.

T-claps to Rock Thrill for running in from Rock Hill

Loved the effort by Hacksaw.  Dude never quits.  And BTW, he asked for Murderhorn today.  Almost called an audible.

Welcome FNG to the site, Backbrush.  Good work out there man.  Sorry that cards had to be your first taste of Rebel Yell.  Lucky it wasn’t Murderhorn though.

Thank you to our bi weekly chaplain Purple Haze for the send off.

Chime in if you had anything else.


Today is last day to sign up for F3 Golf.








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Purple Haze
10 years ago

The king of diamonds start was absolutely ridiculous, especially since there wasn’t any COP to speak of…just straight to work. And the backwards runs up that hill start to burn after about a 1/2 time up. Veteran Q audible to the forwards runs when you pulled the 9 late in the game.

No, I don’t have $100. Which is why, yes, I am still single.

This site may need a full time chaplain…just sayin.

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