Technical Difficulties at Bagpipe!

  • When:05/13/14
  • QIC: Frehley's Comet
  • The PAX: 27 total split between Bagpipe and Fast Twitch. Unfortunate technical difficulties by YHC resulted in a deletion of the PAQ names. I could list most from memory but don't want to leave anyone out so nobody will be listed this time. Sorry guys!

Technical Difficulties at Bagpipe!

The title for Bagpipe is a reflection of YHC’s accidental deletion of the recorded attendees (ie: technical difficulties!). If you were part of the PAQ, then you don’t have to be announced because you know you were there and you know it was a great workout. If you weren’t part of the PAQ (like Market Timer again!), then I’m sorry you missed it!

Warmup: Mosey to parking lot next to the lake. SSH X 25, Mountain Climbers X 25, Slow Squats X 10, Slow Squat w/Jump Up X 10, Man-Maker Merkins X 20 = Slow Merkins X 10, Imperial Walker X 25.  Mosey to knee wall at the lake to begin workout.

Workout: Derkins X 15, Squats X 15, Dips X 15, Man-Maker Burpees X 5, Lap around the lake.  Planks while waiting.  Incline Merkins X 15, Diamond Merkins X 15, Step-Ups X 10 each leg, Man-Maker Burpees X 5.  Run past fitness trail, lunge walk over the bridge, head to the right up to the upper parking lot.  Paired Up. 2 sets of partner push / resistance -1 partner pushes at the shoulders while the other resists and then switch – distance of about 30 yards.  10 Merkins at each end between partner switches.  So in total, 2 “there and backs” and 40 Merkins.

Mary: Curb knee-ups to chest X 25 in cadence. Mary/Merkin Ladder: Merkins 2x4x6x8x6x4x2 all between sets of Mary in cadence: LBC’s X 25, 1-legged Dolly X 10 each leg, 1-legged Flutter X 10 each leg, Slow bicycle X 15, Mason Twist X 15, Heels to Heaven X 15, Protractor.  Final set of Merkins were 2 reps with 6-inch holds for 10 count. Mosey back to the Vine where Mic Check spontaneously called out a Merkins and 6 inches because we hadn’t done enough apparently!

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