You guys want to see a dead body?

  • When:5-10-2014
  • QIC: StageCoach, Radar
  • The PAX: Philmont, Mermaid, Alf, Mighty Might, Sanka, Jamboree, Splinter, Gummy, StageCoach (QIC), Radar (QIC)

You guys want to see a dead body?

10 Strong showed today


The Thang

StageCoach Q

Warmup: Jog around track and thru back gate over to the Yellow Rose parking lot.   Mix in some backwards run and karaoke for good measure. 


1 legged burpees x 10 (R)

1 legged burpees x 10 (L)

Deck squats x 10

Groiners x 10

Ski abs x 20

Plank walk – 1/2 circle around COP CW

Mountain Climber x 20

Plank walk – 1/2 circle around COP CCW

Peter Parker x 20

Parker Peter x 20

Jog back to school parking lot

Partner up for leg circuit:

P1 – perform called exercise

P2 – run 1 lap around parking lot

Round 1: Side step ups R

Round 2: Side step ups L

Round 3: Butt raises R (lay down and 1 foot on beach and other foot in air, raise and lower hips/rear)

Round 4: Butt raises L

Upper body circuit on bench:

Round 1: derkins/dips/incline merkins x 20 each

Round 2: derkins/dips/incline merkins x 15 each

Round 3: derkins/dips/incline merkins x 10 each

Round 4: derkins/dips/incline merkins x 5 each


Radar Q

Painstations set up on basket ball Court

P1 does pain station while P2 does 100 yard run, 10 burpees and then come back and flapjack

Pain Station

  1. Hairburners
  2. Hairburners
  3. Deep Sqaut with alternation sandbag should press
  4. High Knee Jump Rope
  5. All out on hanging punching bag (Gloves provided)

We just kept cycling through this for 25 mins





Ski Abs

Mountain Climbers



Strong group out there today. Stage Coach had our shoulders screaming over by Tuesday Mornings. We were all soaked through with in 5 mins. The humidity was thick today.

YHC tried to push it on the runs only to be overtaken by Mighty Might and Splinter every time. Disclaimer: I have a chest cold and I am older. And slower.

Things got a little weird when the soccer families started rolling in and setting up chairs right next to where we were doing the 100 yard runs. We paid it no mind. Pretty sure I heard a mom asking her husband why he wasn’t out there. Then she just stared at mighty might like he was a piece of meat.

Another weird moment was the little girl and mom playing on the swing set where we had the punching bag hanging. Poor kid got Gummys sweat all over her.

None of these top the really weird moment when philmont starts screaming these god awful noises (you all know the noise) while doing hairburners. I was on the other side of the field and could hear it clearly. All of the soccer families looked terrified. This is the moment YHC said we better take it up the hill for some Mary.

Thanks for a great morning guys. Look forward to doing it again soon.

 There were no dead bodies


Philmont is close to his goal. He called on all pax to give him crap if he looks to be slacking. Do it

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Stage Coach
9 years ago

Good stuff this morning, especially when the soccer crew showed up. The body bag, I mean punching bag, definitely offered up some entertainment. Glad there were no dead bodies!

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