Preblast: Devil’s Turn Tempo Revisited

  • When:05/08/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee

Preblast: Devil’s Turn Tempo Revisited

The plan for Devil’s Turn tomorrow is for a tempo run out to South Charlotte Middle School and back.  This workout is intended to be a complement to the speedwork on Tuesdays, LSD (long slow distance) on the weekend, and various bootcamp/KB cross-training throughout the week.  A tempo run will help train your body to hold a high level of running intensity over an extended period of time (excellent for BRR training). 

All PAX will leave the greenway parking lot (corner of Rea Rd. and Bevington Place) at 5:15 AM. 

Since the distance to the school and back is slightly over 4 miles (total), there is an option for circling the school track for a TBD number of times (or doing some core work until it is time to return to complete a nice round 4 mile run).   

The number of times around the track is dependant on the speed each PAX is running.  Each PAX will need to determine when to leave the track in order to be back at the greenway parking lot at 6:10 AM.  

To calculate your tempo pace, use, enter a race time from a recent race, click the “Training” tab, and find your “Marathon” training pace.  That is your proposed tempo pace. 

To see the approximate times and distances for the workout, consult the Progressive Difficulty Matrix below.  It is assumed that all PAX will warmup for 1 mile at 8.5 min/mi pace and then hold their tempo pace for the rest of the workout.  The important part is when to leave the track to get back to the parking lot at 6:10 AM.


See you in the gloom!

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