A51 Century Club

  • When:05/07/14
  • QIC: Purple Haze
  • The PAX: Geraldo, Stagecoach, Sussudio, Lazy Boy, Mall Cop, Horse Head, Hair Ball, Mermaid, Donkey Kong, The Shore, Bulldog, Header, Tiger Rag, Radar, Spackler, Cane, Puddin' Pop, Fireman Ed, Cole Slaw, Floor Slapper, Dolphin, Bananas, Busch, Uncle Leo, Good Hands, CoalMiner's Daughter, Rehab, Purple Haze

A51 Century Club

The shovel flag was planted firmly into the soil at SCMS for another installment of #F3DeathValley. During some good-natured Twitter banter last night, the Q mentioned #CenturyClub. Here’s what it meant:

The Thang

Little baby jog around the parking lot while a few stragglers made their way in. Circle up in the parking lot for COP:

  • 25 IC SSHs
  • 25 IC Merkins
  • 25 Slow Squats
  • 25 IC Mountain Climbers

Run down the bleachers between the baseball fields for some pain stations:

  • 25 Supine Pullups
  • 25 Incline Merkins
  • 25 Bear Squats (crowd favorite)
  • 25 Decline Merkins

Some plank work…RAH, RLH, LAH, LLH…10 more Merkins OYO.

Run over to the football field. Find a partner (size does not matter) and line up on the goal line:

  • 100s – Partner A does Jump Squats; Partner B sprints 100 yds & back; Flapjack until a 100 total reps are completed by team


  • 25 IC Flutter Kicks; AYG sprint 100 yards
  • 25 IC Freddie Mercury (5 slow, 5 fast, 5 slow, 5 fast, 5 slow); AYG sprint 100 yards
  • 25 IC Dollies; AYG sprint 100 yards
  • 25 IC LBCs; AYG sprint 100 yards


  • 100s – Partner A does Merkins; Partner B sprints 100 yds & back; Flapjack until a 100 total reps are completed by team


  • 25 yard Bear Crawl
  • 25 yard Broad Jump
  • 25 yard Backward Bear Crawl
  • 25 yard Lunge Walk


  • Pax choice…100s with Burpees or 10×10 (10 burpees a minute for 10 minutes). Pax (well Stagecoach) chose 10×10.

Run a cool down lap around the track and then up to the parking lot for COT.


The Pax listing at DV always reads like a Who’s Who of Area 51. So the nerves always run a little higher for the Q here. These guys are serious, as evidenced by a text message from a Brit that said “Rubbish” after YHC soft committed to the pre-KB workout. That same Brit accused YHC of fartsacking for showing up at 0515 for the last couple of sets of the KB. Plenty of guys at the pre-KB…couldn’t remember them all so no one got credit above…but sound off in the comments if you have some strong desire to be noticed for your brute strength. YHC will note that Splinter was there for pre-KB but had to leave before the workout because his M has running club on Wednesday…sounds like an excuse to me after he got the easy #Weinke banter going on Twitter last night. YHC wonders if his M is as delicate with her running shoes as he is with his. Also there early was Radar, doing weird things with his foam roller, a tennis ball and YHC’s rolling stick. Spackler joined in on that too and now YHC has to buy a new rolling stick.

We did COP at the front of the parking lot right at the entrance. Mall Cop, suffering from intestinal non-compliance this morning, came barreling in late and almost took out a few Pax. Think he had to swerve off in the grass for a bit…but it enabled him to show off the impeccable handling and off road capabilities of his new Subaru. Was he wearing #Birkenstocks too?

The Bear Squats were a crowd favorite…not just good for a Saturday night but also a Wednesday morning. If you can get past how they look, they do give the quads a good stinging. During the pain stations, YHC also heard complaints about low heart rates. So we fixed that once we got to the football field with the 100s and sprints. What soccer guys lack in manliness they compensate for with speed. Also, YHC found out that Sussudio is one fast old guy. #Respect

The 10×10 was fun as always. A tough choice between that or the 100s with burpees. Stagecoach spoke for the Pax and chose 10×10…which was probably wise, as it is never very fun to do burpees and then have to sprint. Busch did LBCs waiting for the next minute to start. On the last set, Mermaid showed off with his patented double-press, double-jump burpees. Spackler maybe did 10 burpees during the entire 10 minutes.

All the Pax worked hard this morning. There were no 10 counts. Strong effort indeed. Always a pleasure to lead this group…thanks for the opportunity Stagecoach.


  • F3Dads coming in June. Look for announcements from Header.
  • Sign up for F3Golf
  • Find a 3rdF near you and go. #F3Aftermath meets each Wednesday after DV at the Piper Glen Starbucks



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10 years ago

As always a strong Q Haze. Great introduction to Death Valley for myself and my neighbors, Cane and Rehab. We were all in agreement that it was a smoker. 100 burpees always makes a statement at the end of a workout. Nicely done.

Stage Coach
10 years ago

Well done, PH. I was determined to not run sprints in between burpees. Given a choice, I felt that the 10×10 was the lesser of two evils. Barely!

10 years ago

Sorry I missed this one! Hard to imagine the 100s with burpees would be tougher than 10x10s (there’s not much that causes more pain than those), but I’ll take your word for it. To me, it seems that everyone has their go to – PH: the 10×10; Stagecoach: the One-legged burpee. Hannibal needs to figure out his…

Looks like nice work by all. Well done!

10 years ago

C’mon…..I probably did 52 chelm style burpees. It was a beautiful thing.

10 years ago

AND…I am in full on BRR prep now which means I don’t do all the shenanigans. Gotta keep this machine free of debris.

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