Cinco de estrella de mar

  • When:05/05/14
  • QIC: Young Love
  • The PAX: Alf, Schnitzel, Prohibition, Coal Miner's Daughter (respect), Lobster Roll, Floorslapper, Runstopper, Tiger Rag, Young Love (Q)

Cinco de estrella de mar

8 gentlemen greeted me in the gloom and after waiting an extra 15 seconds for that last remaining PAX to arrive (he never came), we strode off into the gloom. This is what we accomplished:\


Brisk warm-up jog around parking lot

Abbreviated COP: Pullups, SSH, IW, Rosalitas (in honor of the fake holiday), Pullups again

Brisk fully-warm jog to middle of soccer/rugby pitch (pause to explain disclaimer since I am not a professional)

Starfish x5

  • Merkins, CDD, Wide-arm merkins, CDD, Diamond merkins, 25 Burpees (5 burpees per leg)
  • Jump Squats, Squats, Barishnikovs (In honor of our long-absent friend, McGee), Jump Squats, Squats, 25 Burpees (5 burpees per leg)
  • Flutters, LBCs, Flutters, Rosalitas, Flutters, 25 Burpees (5 burpees per leg)
  • Merkins, Squats, Flutters, Merkins, Squats, 25 Burpees (5 burpees per leg)
  • Run. Just run. Run your tail off along each leg (short on time so no burpees per leg)



– Simple enough weinke, right? I think we all agree, these usually provide some of the best and most brutal beatdowns. Writing this at 1530 and I’m still feeling it.

– After 5 minutes of heckling, YHC gave in and presented a proper disclaimer to the other 8 veterans who knew exactly what they were doing and exactly who I was and more importantly wasn’t. Yes, good to get in the habit (everybody should…really), but to be honest, I was just tired of hearing about it. I should have waited 5 more minutes, because the starfish(ies?) sucked the mumblechatter away anyway.

– Spring is in the air and I am noticing a resurgence around A51. Maybe it’s just me, but I think a lot of us are looking around, realizing that we have plateaued to some degree or another and are forcibly kicking it up a notch. Workouts are getting harder and the PAX are getting faster. Speaking for myself, there’s someone on my tail, breathing hard, and if you’re in front of me, I’m coming for you. Might not catch you, but I’m going to give it my all. #DFQ


– Go play golf. Go with the F3 dudes. Sign-up now so we can stop announcing it.

– There are other announcements, but if you really wanted to hear them you should have come out this morning and joined us. Or you can go read the weekly email…

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