back to the basics

  • QIC: Crack
  • The PAX: Senator, Chief, Big Mean, Rev Run, Rent a cop, Loveshack, Hermie, Dave Nailer second post new name "Man Hands", Crack

back to the basics

So with all of the folks showing up in force lately for the Race City, there has been some repeat exercises…… Back to the basics was…Fun?… No rocks, no kettle bells… just plain ol you vs. you

Mosey around the church with some dynamic warmup included…. butt kickers, high knees, goose steppers, or “Goat kickers”

straight into initial cop…

SSH x 30 IC

Mt Climber x 25 IC

Merkins x 15IC

WWII x 15 IC


Suicides in the parking lot

at parking spaces, skip first ’cause it’ bee tooooo easy…

run to second line, do 5 burpees, come back

run to third line, do 10 Merkins, run back

run to fourth line and do 6 burpees, come back

run to fifth line and do 10 merkins, run back

run to sixth line and do 7 burpees….. you get the idea…. until 10 burpees were completed….

BS calls were heard, and ignored…

Mosey to School across the street for:

Hill work:

backward bear crawl UP the hill, 10 Slow deep squats in cadence at the top…crab walk down the hill, 15 CDD at the bottom

bear crawl up the hill, 10 slow deep squats in cadence at the top… backward crabwalk down the hill, 10 Scorpion dry docks 1 leg, swap leg for 10 more scorpion dry docks on the other leg…

Bunny hop up and down the stairs three times

high knees up and down the stairs three times

Run back to parking lot


LBC slowly with hips up x 15IC

Plank for 2 minutes

x’s and o’s x 10 IC

pillow talk x 10 each side IC


-Great to have some nice warm weather to sweat it all out in the am….

-Big Mean AND Chief both on a Monday!?! Great to see you

-not too many fans of the Burpee ladder suicide…. may need to do that again sometime…


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