Ascent Runs Around In A Square

  • When:5/3/2014
  • QIC: Pele, Strange Brew
  • The PAX: Boomer (WD and Kotters), Far Side, A Keechly (Far Side 2.0), Gecko, Linux, The Mouth, FNG Jackie Chan (The Mouth's 2.0), Pele, Strange Brew

Ascent Runs Around In A Square

9 pax escaped the fartsack to embrace Four Corners and more at Ascent.

With Pele in the lead it went something like this:

Mosey to the field for COP


SSH x 20

IW x 15

Mountain Climbers x 10

Slow Squats x 15

Four Corners inspired from Phillipians 4:13 “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” As I (Pele) walk through difficult times in my life right now and in the future, it is Christ who strengthens me. I see Christ in all the men of F3 and through Christ in You, F3 Nation, I (Pele) am strengthened to post, lead a workout and better myself.

Four Corners

4 Rounds with called exercise in each corner x 13 1st corner CDD, 2nd corner, Merkins, 3rd corner – LBC’s, 4th corner- Squats

between the corners – Bear crawl, karaoke left, lunge walk, karaoke right

next round – run between all corners

next round – run, back pedal, run, back pedal

4th round- run between all corners

plank in between each round to allow pax to catch up and some 10 counts thrown in there

Slow slow mosey to the concession stand as Q was smoked at this point.

Circuit work

Incline Merkins x 10

Dips x 15

LBC x 20 Repeato

Merkins x 5

Dips x 15

Step ups x 10 each leg

Burpees x 5

Dips x 10

LBC x 20



Over to Strange Brew

Mosey to the track, one lap round the track then circle up for dynamic stretching:


Ballet x 10 each leg

Crescent x 6 each leg

Run the half mile for time, watch your time and remember it (sound off below, YHC forgot to collect the times at the COT)

Mosey to playground equipment, partner up on the way

Partner AMRAP pull ups + 2 x 2 (Far Side had to stop due to time constraints)

With partner:

Wheelbarrow to other end of the small field, switching as many times as needed to make it

Slow jog back

Partner bicep curls x 8 reps x 2


Flutter x 15
Sid-The-Kid x 6 each way

Mason Twist x 10

Heels to Heaven x 10

Dolly x 15

Mosey to the cars, well done lads.


Great effort by the pax, an honour to Q with Pele today (yes it is spelled with a u).  Boomer a hearty Kotters to you, great to see you again (part of the F4 crowd, Fairweather being the 4th F apparently). Far Side was good to see from YHC’s perspective, it had been a while.  Far Side’s 2.0 is a chip off the old block, Larry Birding his way through the workout and The Mouth was pushing his 2.0 (Jackie Chan) pretty hard, but then ran out of steam as youth recovers quickly, but you’re still looking good out there Mouth, keep it up.Gecko was pretty strong but that might have been because he missed the inital COT, hard to say but great to have you out there today and Linux wins the effort award as evidenced by the amount of visible perspiration.



New A51 moderate workout, Peak 51 on Thursdays at 0530 at Matthews Elementary School, Geraldo and Slim Fast on Q

Sign up for F3 golf, 2nd F is what it’s all about

Great takeout by Pele today, we’re here with you brother.

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