Record-Setting Day at Rebel Yell

  • When:05/01/14
  • QIC: Spackler
  • The PAX: Purple Haze, Molasses, Grim Reaper (F3 Greenville), Spandex, Hacksaw, Peaches, Crabcake, Splinter, Frack, Philmont, Mmmbop, Soul Glo, Frasier, Spinner, Chipotle, Radar, Boomer Sooner, Blackbeard, Dear Abby (F3 Metro)

Record-Setting Day at Rebel Yell

7 pax arrived early, 6 of which to endure an iron smoker provided by Crabcake and the other, Radar, to sadclown a supposed 4 miles.  The 14 others arrived ‘on time’ to participate in what was to be a record breaking morning at Rebel Yell.


10 Burpees OYO

SSH x 30

Mosey to Murderhorn and partner up

Partner 1 does called exercise while Partner 2 sprints to 1st lightpole and back – flapjack

Same thing except run to 2nd lighpole – flapjack

Same thing except run to 3rd lightpole – flapjack

And we repeated that again – exercises included jump knee tucks, slow squats, rock hoppers, diamond merkins, CDD’s and merkins.

Mosey to bottom of Murderhorn and form 2 lines for the Native American Run up Murderhorn back to hill on right side of theatre parking lot.

Keep same partners

Partner 1 runs backwards up hill 3 times while partner 2 does the Dolly – flapjack

Partner 1 bearcrawls up the hill 3 times while partner 2 does LBC – flapjack

Partner 1 runs up hill 5 times while partner 2 does Fred Mercury – flapjack

Mosey back to car – circle up for quick Mary

Backscratcher x 50

Rosalita x 50

10 burpees OYO

Le Moleskin

Murderhorn.  You love her but you hate her.  Those that didn’t know her, now you do.  It was a pretty quiet and boring work out this morning.  Meat and potatoes, if you will.  That has somewhat become YHC’s forte’ as of late.  Mainly because I’m not that creative.  But I figure you only got 45 minutes so make it painful.  We welcomed Grim Reaper from F3 Greenville and Dear Abby from F3 Metro this morning.  Nice to meet you guys and hope we made it worth your while.  Plenty of strong efforts out there this morning.  Once again Frasier can run.  Soul Glo is sneaky fast up hills.  Purple Haze continues to try and sand bag a victory every now and again on a hill.  Radar is ____ (fill in the blank).  I will say it quite funny this morning during hill work when I look over and see that no one was doing Dollies.  Must have been after the backwards hill run.

It was a pleasure to lead this morning.  Thank you for coming out and supporting Rebel Yell.  Thanks to Haze for the strong send off.


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Cheese Curd
9 years ago

It’s a shame I keep missing these epic hill-run workouts. You say not creative, but huge suck factor!

Reply to  Spackler
9 years ago


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