Evolutions of Pain

  • When:05/02/14
  • QIC: Clueless
  • The PAX: Mr. Hanky, Angler, The Hoff, Culkin, Liquor Cycle, Clueless (QIC)

Evolutions of Pain

Six pax gathered in the gloom for the Friday Spearhead beatdown.

Hoff Posting on Behalf of Clueless

The Thang:

Warm-up (In Cadence = meaning we did twice the reps listed below) :

SSH x 13

Imperial walkers x 13

Merkins x 21

Sit-ups x 31

The merkins and sit-ups with respective counts were done to track with the Spearhead Challenge of the Month #SHcotm for which the goal by end of May is 65 merkins and 75 sit-ups each in under 2 minutes to crush the selection PT assessment.

Six pax working on their six-packs?

Rucks –on and move most Rikki-tik to picnic tables on northeast side of Carmel Middle School.

First evolution :

Step-ups, knee-ups, push-ups for rounds of (3) 21, 15, 9.

     – Step-ups done 4 count ( up, up, down, down lead with left leg

     – Knee-ups on Picnic Table (start in down position, then go down- hold it, rewind. Knee-ups start in up position)

     – Merkins (Q says down, pax count reps. Pax, thanks for helping Clueless with that).

Rinse and Repeat x 3

Rucks –on and move most Rikki-tik to northwest end of field.

Second evolution :

All but 1 pax line up with pax 1,3,5 standing, pax 2,4 supine for Australian pull-ups. Pax 6 performs nonstop burpees while pax 2,4 do 10 pull-ups…Pax 1,5 hold ruck in outside hand. Rinse and repeat until all pax have done burpees.

Rinse and Repeat x 6 rounds

Third evolution :

Deep ruck-squats, ruck upright rows, 4 count flutter kicks for rounds of 21, 15, 9.

Use of fence rail was optional to get deeper drop on squat.

Rinse and Repeat x 3 rounds

Rucks –on and move most Rikki-tik to parking lot.

Fourth evolution :

Isometrics.  Pax 1,3,5 fry thighs in wall sit while pax 2,4 annihilate abs in plank while pax 6 rucks most Rikki-tik

75 Yards there and Back = 150 yards To end of parking lot and back.

Rinse and repeat until all pax have rucked. #smokedthigh

Fifth evolution :

With 2 minutes left, Q relinquished control to the master of beat-down,

MERKIN WAVE: The Hoff  pulverized pecs with merkin waves. There’s a strategy to the wave, both to survive and to punish. 

Rinse and Repeat x 15 rounds


The intention  was to pursue a workout at sufficient speed and sustainable intensity to tax the cardiovascular system and the muscular system stopping short of muscular failure.

I hope you enjoyed the workout and felt it was worth your time to post. It was a pleasure and an honor to Q, Thank you- Clueless.

 Hoff Posting on Behalf of Clueless

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9 years ago

Well done guys. Thank you.

BTB (Bob The Builder)
9 years ago

Wow looks like an awesome workout! Hate that I missed it. Clueless is definitely proving to be one of the most prepared Qs in SPEARHEAD. Strong work!

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