How many more?

How many more?

12 pax busted another full hour of #F3FastTwitch this morning.

The Thang:

Run to Davie Park 80%+ speed

Brief COP: merkins, squats, MCs

Partner up; partner one runs lap down to gate and back around lot;  partner 2: 20 derkins, 20 dips, 9 pull-ups;  flapjack;  2X

Mosey back down to gate

Sprint to each light post;  5 merkins at each post; continue into the bottom lot

Indian run back to school and down to track

The Runaround:  Partner 1 sprint suicide goalpost-to-goalpost; Partner 2 lap on track; flapjack; continue till Q calls it. 

One lap cool-down;

Mary: 49 flutter kicks

10 burpees OYO

Total distance: 5.5 mi


  • T-Claps happy birthday to Chelms aka Tater Tot.  you can thank me later for the 49 flutters
  • YHC should have been clearer that The Runaround is a timed exercise; kept hearing “how many more?” and “do we keep going?” across the track in the dim gloom
  • By popular request, YHC decided to start adding in some 10-counts into Fast Twitch (albiet within 6-inch planks), hopefully those provided enough short breaks to recharge
  • Good to see some new faces to Fast Twitch today – hope you’ll come back
  • Great send-off by Slim Fast – thanks brother


  • Peak 51 moderate workout starting Matthews elementary this Thursday, 5:30am;  headlock your friends who may be on the fence.  With this addition, we will now have 3 moderate workouts each week. 
  • AG Middle – bike ride scheduled for June 14, Francis Beatty Park; contact Chelms for more info
  • 3rd F Wednesday, Southpark Bojangles, noon


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Mall Cop
10 years ago

Great Q Turkey Leg! Now if the trees and bushes don’t mind I am politely asking them to quit releasing polen for the year so my allergies and asthma will go away! This morning showed me just how far out of running shape I am right now! #Clydesdale #Fatboy I will be a regular at Fast Twitch and Devil’s Turn for the next 4 to 5 months.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Tator Tot! Thanks for the 49 Flutters at the end, 1 more year until you get some respect!

10 years ago

Great job Twitchers! Swift is building momentum – 11 PAX today. Those SoBs are gunning for you…

Reply to  Bratwurst
10 years ago

Brat’s trash-talking formula:
1. Compliment your adversary (with exclamation point!).
2. Confront them with data.
3. Assume appearance of neutrality: merely an observer of two warring parties.

He’s Eddie Haskell in a Ned Flanders suit.

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
10 years ago

I was at #Swift today – Brat is no joke. Just ask Frasier, cuz he was there too. #yoursecretissafewithme. In fact, Frasier probably has a better idea of what they actually did, because I was just trying to keep everyone in sight long enough not to get lost in the massive sea of parking lots.

I had a legitimate reason though, they do more than running at FT (pullups, merkins, etc . . . ) and my shoulder is not talking to me right now. #Swift appears to be a pure running venture.

BTW – I think Frasier is either a mole or looking for some strange.

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Someone that knows Sakagawea needs to get him out to FT for insurance. He gave Frasier a run for his money at Centurion on Friday, with Bricks.

I don’t know for sure but think PH told TL to do the 49 flutters #nomercy

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