#F3Swift – Entrance to Entrance

  • When:04/29/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Honeybee, Longhaul, SoftPretzel, Bratwurst, Swift FNGs = Abacus, Frasier, Haggis, Horsehead, Mightmite, Spinner, Stumphugger

#F3Swift – Entrance to Entrance

Swift launched the 2nd ever Speed workout at the Ballantyne AO this week.  5 PAX showed up for the 0515 option to get in a little more warmup and running drills (about 1mile).  The full action started at 0530 with 6 more PAX to head over to the Bull Ring.

The Thang:

  • 9 PAX don’t follow the specific but vague directions to warmup a mosey 1mile over to the Bull Ring.  2 PAX in arrears had to show the way.
  • 12x200m at Repetition Pace (1 mile Race pace – calculate at http://runsmartproject.com/calculator) with each interval followed by 200m jog.  Regroup occasionally to keep the PAX together.
  • Cooldown 0.9mi by stalking the Bagpipe PAX on the way back to COT.
  • Close to 5.0miles running in 45 minutes was no small feat.


  • Swift FNGs Stumphugger and Horsehead joined Swift veterans (of 1 week) Honeybee and Longhaul for the 0515 option to mosey about 1 mile and through 6 form drills and dynamic warmup exercises.
  • We picked up the rest of the PAX at 0530 to find our way to the Bull Ring for the intervals. The PAX (sans Bratwurst) didn’t ever find Rushmore Dr that would have led them 1mile to the destination.
  • Entrance to Entrance refers to the Bull Ring office buildings being laid out in perfect 200m from each other via the ring.  Next we’ll find out that there are some sort of hidden signs all around Ballantyne pointing to some deep secrets.
  • Guidance to the “Short Distance” PAX on pace for the 200s wasn’t heeded until the accumulation of intervals run harder than R-pace and recoveries run probably too fast were experienced as fatigue.  Adrenaline can push us for a while, just ask YHC about Interval #11. Some fatigue in a workout is normal, but you should always finish feeling like you could run 1 or several more intervals.  Baby steps.  Avoid injury. Not a vomit comet Haggis.
  • Props to Horsehead for coming out early and never stopping on the Intervals.
  • Perfect attendance awards handed out to Honeybee, Longhaul, and Soft Pretzel.  Start your streak next week!
  • Full workout at http://www.strava.com/activities/135670100.  If you are not on Strava, join to record your running workouts and view more details (such as the Interval lap splits).  Also join the group F3Run at Strava.

Announcements covered in the Bagpipe backblast.

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10 years ago

Awesome workout! My ambition for Swift is for it to be the first F3 workout to make me chunder. This week just wasn’t hard enough, but I have faith In Bratwurst to deliver the goods eventually.

Mighty Mite
10 years ago

The saying that everyone will “Learn something new everyday” is very true. Today I learned the word “chunder”. Thank you, Haggis.

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