#F3-Swift Preblast – Calling all Short Distance guys

#F3-Swift Preblast – Calling all Short Distance guys

Swift will launch at 0530 (with special 0515 option) on Tuesday morning from the Vine in Ballantyne.   If you are looking for a little more cardio in your weekly workout with a break from boot camp style, give Swift a shot.  Perfect week for Swift or Speedwork FNGs.

No, the title is not to draw in the Sprinters and trick them.  We’ll actually be working again on Form and Efficiency doing short (200meters) quick (1mile race pace) multiple intervals (perhaps more than 10).

Launch at 0530 with a jog over to the most technical parking lot YHC has ever seen – we’ll call it the Bull Ring (seen here on http://www.strava.com/activities/133164551 ).  Intervals will commence.

If you want some more technical warm-up with just 1 mile or so of extra running, launch at 0515 from the same parking lot for 7 Drills + 3 Strides to work on efficient running form.

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Honey Bee
10 years ago

Great stuff here. See you at 5:15. #fastandfurious

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