Yodeling at Ascent

Yodeling at Ascent

The Thang:


15 each: SSH, slow merkins, IW, slow squat

Mosey to field sideline for 11s – merkins near side, squats far side

Circle up and on your 6 for Ring around the Mary – pax calls Mary and bear crawls or lunge walks around circle until back to his spot while rest of pax does exercise OYO count (except  Scissorhands calling protractor; well played, brother).

Mosey “anti-clockwise” (as Bulldog would say) around school to playground.

Ladder mini-Murph: 1 pull-up, 2 merkins, 3 squats, 2/4/6, 3/6/9, 4/8/12, 5/10/15, and back down

Indian run: Rea, Summerlin, Abbotswood, Windyrush, Foxworth, OP.  Pax-called exercise at each street sign.  Burpies, Merkins, Peter Parker, 6 (or 8) count Manmaker, and several others YHC can’t recall

Circle up on field for some Jack Webb (up to 7 and back down)

Two minutes left: Rosalita IC

One minute left: LBC OYO


Mosey back to parking for COT.  Great sendoff by Monkey Joe.


T-claps to Pele for pushing through the pain of an injured foot.  Heard some mumble chatter about Runstopper with Jack Webb, but not much else . . . well, except when Scissorhands called for burpies at first traffic sign along the indian run.  So much for my unspoken goal of a burpie-free workout.  We made sure he was not in the lead position at any of the rest of our stops.  Nice Q-jack in the last 2 minutes by Geraldo: declined to provide Q-requested 10 count, and instead called for more Mary.

T-claps to High Tide for helping me both before and during workout.  (Beginner mistake/senior moment: I forgot to put on my watch and realized it too far from the house to swing a U-ee and still get to OP on time.  HT was timekeeper.  Any complaints about too long/short need to be directed to him.)

This was my first Q, only one year and one week after joining F3 Nation (#laggard).  Definitely an honor and a challenge.  I hope the intensity was sufficient to push, but moderate enough not to discourage.


New moderate-intensity workout at Matthews Elementary launching Thursday, May 1.  Geraldo and Slimfast are site Qs.  Look for details in upcoming pre-blast.

If you haven’t, sign up for F3 Golf.  (#beatadeadhorse)

(posted by High Tide on behalf of Swiss Miss)

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