Put on your MAD PJS

Put on your MAD PJS

25 pax entered the gloom this morning for a hike followed by a full body beat down.

The Thang:
Mosey to Track for COP

Mountain Climbers x 20
Diamond Merkins x 15
Seal Jax x 20
Jump Lunges x 20
Peter Parkers x 15

Mosey through woods to playground

Partner up

MAD PJS (Exercise with Partner Switch)
Partner 1 run, Partner 2 Exercise then FlapJack

Air presses

Pull ups
Jump squats

Plank up when done
Repeat x 2, Donkey kicks instead of dips 2nd round

Mosey to hill

Bear crawl up and jog down x 5

Crab walk up and jog down x 3

Take long way back to parking area for Mary

Moleskine: The workout this morning was pretty much non-stop for 45 minutes, with maybe just a few minutes to catch our collective breath. YHC lost his wienke on the trail, but luckily, the acronym stuck and all exercises were recalled. Bear crawls and crab walks are always a crowd favorite.


3rd F at noon Bojangles and after the workout at Pipe Glen Starbucks
Sign up for Golf Tourney
Busch looking for attorney to deal with immigration issues

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