Preblast: Kum-ba-yah Allegretto

Preblast: Kum-ba-yah Allegretto

On Thursday at Devil’s Turn, we will put all the bickering and rhetoric aside about who is the fastest workout in Area51.  Instead we will unite and run as one, SOB and Twitcher, young and old, Flightless Bird and Dandy in a tempo run at Allegretto pace (you do the math).  Singing kum-ba-yah is optional (and if you are able to sing while running at tempo pace, you should be running faster).

To keep all Devil’s Turn attendees on their toes (yes, that means you Frasier, Fletch, and Turkey Leg), we will attempt a progressive difficulty matrix to calculate how many miles an individual will run during the 55 minute workout.  We will run the standard route out to S. Charlotte Middle school with everyone starting at 5:15 am from the greenway parking lot at the corner of Rea Rd. and Bevington Place.  The matrix calculates when you must leave the track depending on your expected tempo pace in order for all PAX to reach the parking lot at the same time at 6:10 am.  This also means the faster you run, the longer you run.  Seems fair right?

Here’s the matrix:

Microsoft Excel - Timing_for_Tempo

As always, there are options to modify any portion of the plan as needed.  The idea is to have everyone start together, see each other multiple times on the track for back slap and high five opportunities, and then arrive back at the parking lot together.  That is all.


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10 years ago

Cool idea, but Frasier and Honeybee pace doesn’t appear to be on the Matrix… Here is some help with Tempo pace. Use Threshold pace from the calculator at

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