I’m Not a Professional but Follow Me

I’m Not a Professional but Follow Me

Adding to the things I learned category this week, old-school shepherds Qed by getting out in front of the flock and calling them forward.  So, 26 PAX followed YHC into the gloom this morning as we went through an agonizingly “strings of pearl” workout.  Wondering what a SoP is you can read about it here.  Come to think of it, it may be too tough for you, I did it, but I am not sure you can handle it (page 99 of Freed to Lead)


#BarrySwitzer (more like a #JoneJunes): TheDisclaimer

Mosey to FireAntField

Warmup: SSHx25; EmperialWalkersx20; Merkinsx20; MtnClimbersx20

Mosey to TennisCourts

SidelineSuicides with 5+5+10 reps of Merkins, JumpSquats, DryDocks, and Burpees

Mosey to C@C corner lot

  • Pearl1: 20xMerkins; 25sec Air Squats (5sec rec); 25sec Air Squats (5sec rec); 25sec Jump Squats (5sec rec); 25sec Jump Squats (5sec rec); 1MiniLap
  • Pearl2: 20xMtnClimbers; 25sec plank walks down hill (5sec rec); 25sec plank walk up hill (5sec rec); 25sec plank walk downhill (5sec rec); 25sec plank walk uphill (5sec rec); 1MiniLap
  • Pearl3: 20xDips; 25sec partner lat raises (flapjack); 25sec partner frontal raises (flapjack); 1 MiniLap
  • CubicZaronia: 10xDownhillBurpees; CatchMeIfYouCan Backwards run–audibled after collision

Active Recovery: WallSit

  • COM: LBCx33; Dollyx17; KneeUpx15; RussianTwistx??
  • Indian NativeAmerican OriginalLandOwners Get in a line and have the guy in the back run fast to front-Runs



  • As advised by my attorney, tried to start the Workout with the BarrySwitzer to go over the waiver and disclaimer but the boys of DMZ huddled up like a girls lacrosse team, so I think I managed “I am not a professional, and you know what you are getting yourself into.”  Hope that holds up in a court of law.
  • Personally, I love the FireAntField for Warmups as it is the only place in the city of Charlotte where I have actually been able to see stars.
  • Arriving early, I saw a PAX heading over to the tennis courts.  Thought he was getting some warmups in until I heard the classic sound of the port-a-john door slam shut…and then watched him double back a few minutes later.  Those easter hams can rip right through you. Luckily for him, it was too dark to see who precisely it was–maybe Santa Maria
  • For future references, “Air Squats” are just regularly squats, unless you are Swiper where your AirSquats have a nitrous-burst to push you back up.  We miss you Swiper at DMZ–hope the Walmarts in Winston-Salem have increased their TP supply while you are up there!
  • Snoop texted from the UrgentCare that the wait time is only 3 hours and 12 minutes after getting run over by Skywalker and slamming his forehead into the pavement.  See folks that is why we need to read the disclaimer…no jury will convict me.
  • Um…what else? SantaMaria (not sure which spelling generates his auto filter to spam him this back blast)
  • Ever since being crammed in the van with FilmFestival, I had been wondering where his accent originated from.  I just couldn’t quite place it until this morning when he shared that he’s french!
  • Best line afterwards: “Are you really a pastor in town?  I thought they were just mocking you the whole time.”  Aye…not mutually exclusive…both are true.
  • Greyshirt between SilentBob & Snowflake, I missed your handle…Some reason I heard DannyTanner of FullHouse fame, but was more distracted by SilentBOB’s beard; give shoutout below.  CheeseTurdCurd can tell you I sorta makeup my own names for folks.


F3Golf tees off at some point and will cost $90/PAX, $360 for team of 4 (Sorta like the NCStateFair ticket sales discount: 4 tickets for a $1, 80 tickets for $20)

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10 years ago

Great Q Agony. Glad to make a visit over to DMZ for first time. Good numbers.

Man Skywalker when did you get so chatty? #ducttapethisman

Y’all come over to hydra on Thursdays. 2 miles down colony at Olde providence Elementary.

10 years ago

“At some point” for Golf is May 29 (but we need to HC to the club by May 15) and you can sign up here: http://f3nation.com/2014/03/13/f3-golf-classic/

The state fair lines the pockets of goat men and bearded ladies; F3/Golf proceeds benefit F3 Foundation. Both help clowns of varied emotional dispositions.

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