Can I fire your 7 year old?

Can I fire your 7 year old?

Posted by Gummy on behalf of Hopper (QIC).

17 pax and one FNG (Bing) decided to shake off the lbs accumulated over the weekend via too much Easter ham and pirating chocolate eggs from their kids’ baskets.  Here is what they found at Base Camp:


The Thang:

Two warm-up laps around the parking lot with second lap inclusion of butt kickers, high knees and lunges.



SSH X 20

IW X 20

MC X 20

Peter Parker X 20

Arm Circles Forward X 10

Arm Circles Backward X 10

Merkins X 15


Mosey to the track:

Two Indian Run laps.

Catch Me If You Can:

Partner One starts to run while Partner Two completes 7 merkins.  Once Partner Two is finished he runs to catch Partner One who then drops and completes 7 merkins.  Partner Two continues to run and so on….

Round two of Catch Me If You Can was the same drill, but with LBC’s replacing merkins.  Plank at the end of each lap.

Tunnel of Love on the Football Field:

This is where YHC may have rocked the boat with the pax.  I explained I had scoped out the SCMS campus with my son the day before and that he claimed the football field was dry.  Many of the pax disagreed with my son’s assessment and I heard a random “Can I fire your 7 year old?”.

17 men plank while one at a time, the 18th man crawls under the planking pax.  I heard a lot of mumble chatter from the planking men about “the crawler” staying low while the crawler protested the planking men weren’t giving him enough room.   Regardless of the moaning, we persevered and many recent newcomers to Base Camp got to experience their first Tunnel of Love, F3 style.


Mosey to Baseball Field Bleachers:

OYO rotation of 10 dips, 10 derkins and 10 pull-ups (X2)

Plank exercises a la Mall Cop (thanks for the spot, man!)

Mosey to the concession area with a Peter Rabbit tribute on the way via hopping up the steps.

Wall Work:

Wall squats complete with Arms straight out, followed by left leg up, followed by right leg up, followed by 25 air presses.



Parker Peter


Freddy Mercury (normal speed and slow)




Great work today men!  YHC started off a little rocky with some mis-Q’d cadence, but you hung in there with me and I appreciate you letting me lead.  It was a real honor.  Kudos to the recent additions to BaseCamp/F3 who showed up for the first time just two weeks ago (a la Simba, Big Top, Bushwood) and are already hanging with the pax and in many cases pushing the team.  Keep it coming!  Also, welcome FNG Bing and thanks SlimFast for bringing out a new member!  I dare say we have been pushing the envelope some at Base Camp lately and incorporating some tougher routines, but the reception has been outstanding and unwavering.  Fabulous work by all of the pax in attendance this morning and thanks again for letting me take a crack at Qing a great group of men!

Gummy, great take-out in ball of man and thank you!



Do not forget to register for the F3 golf outing scheduled for May 29.  140 players is the goal.  Registration is open until May 1.

There will be a new Thursday morning Moderate work-out starting May 1 at Matthews Elementary School, Q’d by SlimFast.

New running heavy workout in Ballantyine (Swift) starts on Tuesday. Same site as Bagpipe. More details in a preblast on the website.

Posted by Gummy on behalf of Hopper

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10 years ago

Good Q Hopper. Thanks for the shout out Gummy/Hopper.

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