Be careful, this is about to get real

Be careful, this is about to get real

11 Sons of Ballantyne assembled in the Foxhole for a kettle bell attack designed to hit all major muscle groups.  What ensued left all (including YHC) a little shell shocked, but these SOB’s powered through anyway.  Just another fine day in the Foxhole.

The Thang:


–          Jog around parking lot picking up Philmont who showed some aggressive maneuvering entering the parking lot 2 minutes late.  (I just hope his dog has a seatbelt) #clawmarksintheseat

Warm-up – grab the bells and assemble under the streetlight

–          SSH x 60

–          Backward lunge x 10 per leg

–          IW x 40

–          Side lunge x 10 per leg

–          Mtn climbers x 40

–          Merkins x 20

Grab a partner (KB size matters) for Farmer’s Carry the long way down to the field

–          Partner 1 run with both bells

–          Partner 2 do 5 clapping merkins then catch partner

Assemble in the center of the field

–          5 Turkish getups on each side

–          2-hand KB swings x 20

–          6-count KB burpees x 10 (crowd pleaser)

–          2-hand KB swings x 20

–          6-count KB burpees x 10 (crowd pleaser)

–          1-hand KB swings x 10 per arm

–          6-count KB burpees x 10 (Mic Check really liked this set!)

Assemble on side line and find your partner

–          Partner 1: Plank on KB handles and renegade row

–          Partner 2: run to other sideline and back

–          flapjack x 3 times through

Round 2 on the side line

–          Partner 1: Power clean both bells

–          Partner 2: run to other sideline and back

–          flapjack x 3 times through

Head up to the playground for experimentation station (care of this month’s Mens Health)

–          Partner 1: Pull up (x1) with a 1 minute controlled decline

–          Partner 2: Shoulder shrugs with both bells

–          Flapjack

At this point, we ran out of time.



– Welcome to Foxhole Teddy.  It was difficult to see in the gloom this morning, but from what could be seen, it seemed like you killed it out there.  Come back next week, Foxhole never disappoints.

– Luckily, school resumes at Elon Park today and the chain will be removed from the North entrance.  It is lucky Rock Thrill was quick to move his bell and get to the side as Wingman made his entrance this morning.  #hedon’tstop

– Even later than Wingman today, Philmont came squealing into the lot as the PAX were finishing the warmup lap.  As he got out of the car, his pup definitely had a “what the heck is wrong with you” look on his face.  YHC hopes some doggy treats were given after that harrowing ordeal.

– The 6-count KB burpees were a crowd pleaser.  YHC cannot think of a more full body attack than Turkish getups, KB swings, and KB burpees all in one set.  Mic Check could be heard grumbling from across the circle after each set.  Other than that, the PAX were quiet today and powered through in relative silence.  #stoicbeastsofnature

– Welcome back from vacation all.  Good to see you all in the gloom again.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead such a great group of men.


– Stonehenge Double-Down (May 17) – see weekly email for info.

– Swift (Ballantyne’s own speed workout) starts tomorrow at The Vine restaurant (same location as Bagpipes) at 5:30 am.  Be there to develop those smokeboots.

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