Where The Kettle Bell Meets The Ruck

Where The Kettle Bell Meets The Ruck

(4) SPEARHEADS triumphed over the fartsack tractor beam ( “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen) to post at CMS for a high intensity continuous kettlebell ( HICK ) workout.  The QIC arrived with 10 pro kettlebells ( Valery Federenko would have been proud) ranging in weight from 12 to 32 KILOGRAMS, 25 – 72 pounds. No one left disappointed

The Thang

 Brief Warmup:

         Pax farmer walk KB’s from parking area to turf, then

  • 15 Side-straddle hops , in cadence
  • 15 Cherry-pickers, aka grass-cutters, in cadence
  • 10 Imperial walkers, in cadence
  • 15 Merkins

First Evolution – Stations of downpainment:


  • 14 count KB man-maker – a troubled polygamous relationship involving a long cycle clean and jerk, a burpee, a merkin, and 2 one-armed rows. #oxygendebtimpending
  • Figure 8’s – single bell travels between legs ( #cautionadvised) , switch hands, then outward with a high swing, stopped by  opposite hand, drop through legs, forming figure 8 pattern of sorts
  • OALC – one arm long cycle clean and jerk
  • OAS – alternating one-arm swings
  • Snatch – #explanationunnecessary
  • Farmer walk with sumo deadlifts – pax transports 62# and 72# kb’s 20 yards, turns 180 degrees, performs 5 sumo DL’s , rinse and repeat

Second Evolution – Modded Wod ,  there’s a lot to like about  Cindy:

Each pax selects a KB, does 3 exercises each round: Merkins, 4 count flutter kicks, Russian swings ( the Pavel variety).

Begin with 10 reps for the first round , then 15 for the second, then 20 for the third, and so on. AMRAP for 10 minutes.

Time flies when you’re having fun. All pax finished in the round of 25 or 30 or 35.



I love the smell of gloom first thing in the morning. A beautiful morning it was to share with like-minded SPEARHEAD brothers. Thank you for posting, and thank you for letting me Q –

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