If You Weren’t Already Wet, You Certainly Are Now!

If You Weren’t Already Wet, You Certainly Are Now!

12 Pax through caution to the wind and left the comforts of the warm fartsack to venture forth into the cold, soggy gloom to put a downPAINment on the day.  Who knew we still loved to splash around in the mud puddles like we did when we where kids?  Oh yeah, 500 of us did just that last weekend.  Well we did it again this morning and it went a little something like this:

Baracus on Q

Jog around parking lot to the front of the activity center


SSH x20

Merkin x20

Squat x20


“Ring of Fire”
PAX forms a circle and gets a number assigned. Follows the sets below. Number is called, participant sprints around the circle and returns to his spot, participant then leads PAX in his number for assigned exercise.  Repeato until all members of the PAX have gone through.

Example: PAX does Bear Crawl in a circle until #1 is called, #1 runs around circle, returns to spot and leads PAX in 1 Merkin, PAX continues Bear Crawl until another number is called

Set 1 – Bear Crawl with Merkins

Set 2 – Lunges with Air Squats


PAX performs 6 exercises, 6 sets, at 6 reps per set.

Example: PAX runs to first station, performs 6 merkins, runs to second station, performs 6 merkins, runs to third station, performs 6 merkins, then returns home stopping at station 2, 1, and the start (performing 6 merkins at each stop).

Set 1 – Merkin

Set 2 – Air Squat

Set 3 – Heels to Heaven

Set 4 – Burpee

Set 5 – Lunge

Set 6 – LBCs

Handoff to Mall Cop

Long Indian Run along the perimeter of the Church property out to the corner of Rea & Hwy 51, audible to leave the comfort of the sidewalk to continue the run slushing through the puddles in the front field.  Continue around to the back of the church  and out onto the baseball field.

Time for a little #GRC943 mini Welcome Party re-enactment (if you weren’t already wet from the rain, you certainly are gonna be wet now!):

Pax form 2 Ranks, For 7 minutes YHC would call out a command for the pax to do, in the water logged outfield in the puddles.  Forward – pax would forward lean and do Merkins, Backward – pax would lie on their six and do flutter kicks, Roll Left, Roll Right, Up – Pax would run in place.  YHC would continue to call out these commands in various order and for varying times. (Crowd Favorite) Pax threatened mutiny! More on this in the Moleskin.

Mosey over to the Entrance 4 Hill for backwards lunge walk down, backwards lunge walk back up, 10 Burpees at the top.

Mosey over to parking lot for Dolly x 20, Freddie Mercury x 20, Flutter x 20.

Jail Break all you’ve got back to the virtual shovel flag.



What a morning to get out and exercise the body!  While at first it sucked and the warm fartsack sounded like a better alternative, all 12 real men got to have fun playing in the muddy puddles in the middle of a cold rain storm, get a great workout, and have fun in the process with some 2nd F with great friends!

Welcome to FNG Surfer Girl!  Great job and we hope to see you out in the gloom again soon.

Baracus tried to kill our sholders and legs with the Ring of Fire and graciously called an audible to head over to run The Beast.  It’s pretty bad when you look forward to running the BEAST rather than 1 more circuit in the Ring of Fire.

YHC was saving part of our #GRC943 welcome party exercises for just the right time and this morning was it with the cold water logged field.  I hope the pax enjoyed it as much as we did during our Challenge.  Checkpoint and Cotton Mouth had great flash backs to that cold wet night at the USNWWC.  YHC cut it short to 7 mins as I had planned on running it for 10, however the talks of a mutiny started rumbling amongst the pax with a fireman carry of Mall Cop and toss over the fence into the holding pond.


Sign-Up for F3 Golf on 5/29!  It will be a great time with lots of good 2nd F and all Area51 Pax are encouraged to participate.  You don’t have to have a foursome as you can sign-up yourself and be paired with others for a group.

New 3rd F during lunch to launch soon in Ballentynne at Moe’s.

New Base Camp style lower intensity workout to start on Thursday, May 1st at Matthews Elementary.

Until Next Time!

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Iron Horse
10 years ago

Great work Q’s. On a morning that made the Fartsack a shrewd temptress, you guys kept it moving and “interesting”. (Ok, Mall Cop’s front, back and roll was illicits a word other than “interesting”). Mornings like that are what F3 is all about – good combo of the 1st and 2nd F on a 3rd F weekend. Didn’t even notice the rain for most of it.

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