Storms don’t stop the Skunk

Storms don’t stop the Skunk

Thunder woke me up at 3:30am as it did many others and my wife said “will it still be on? Surely you’re not still going?”
6 MEN showed up to skunkworks against the advice of their better halves to swing the metal in the thunderstorm!
24 side straddle hope
24 imperial walkers
20 Merkins
The group paired up for farmers carry around the church loop parking lot.
Then over to the grass area for kettle bell and run workout.
12 different kettle bell exercises consisting of
Curls, 1 handed high pulls, squat with press, squat with curl, law mower pulls, T baggers, good mornings, Lu gainous, bent over rowing, 1 handed swings alternating hands, 2 handed high pulls
Partner 1 runs a lap around the track while partner 2 does the exercise, then flapjack
Finish off with 5 jack webs


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