Looks like we owed winter one more day.

Looks like we owed winter one more day.

13 pax pulled their sweatshirts out of the closet one more time.

The thang:

YHC started off by leading the pax on a mosey tour of all of the corners of The Maul, which included walking through a puddle.  We stopped in the lot behind Target.


SSH X 20

IW X 20

Mountain Climbers X 20

Side Lunges X 10

Jack Webbs

1 Merkin 4 Arm Raises, 2 Merkins 8 Arm Raises, ……..11 Merkins 44 Arm Raises

Backwards Run up the hill +1 squat, backward run up the hill + 2 squats,…..backwards run up the hill + 8 squats.

The introduction of JACK WEBB ABS.

1 Whale Kick + 4 LBCs, 2 Whale Kicks + 8 LBCs,….10 Whale Kicks + 40 LBCs.

Return to the hill for a set of sevens with burpees and jump squats.

Mosey back to launch.

2 minutes left for 10 more burpees.



Regrettably, it was cold again.

YHC didn’t mean to run through that big puddle.  But once it was found it would have been a crime to ignore it.

Jack Webb Abs sounds pretty easy but it was a big #crowdpleaser.

It is always an honor to lead such a great group of men!


Sign up for F3 Golf.  If you now you want to go, sign up now and get your 4some set.

Run Ballantyne is May 17th.  The SOBs will be using this as a double down opportunity.  Stonehenge at 6.  Race to follow.  Market Timer will be starting an F3 team.

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