Mud Run, What Mud Run?

Mud Run, What Mud Run?

10 hearty souls gathered to endure a brutal post mud run upper body beat down. Each man left it all out on the field this morning.

The Thang:

Jog to parking lot for COP

50 merkins OYO
SSH x 25
40 merkins OYO
Imperial Walkers x 20
30 merkins OYO
Squats x 20
20 merkins OYO
LBCs x 20
10 merkins OYO

Pair up
Mosey to blocks
Line up on field

Round 1
Partner karaoke carry block to goal
Partner 1 carolina dry docks, partner 2 run down and back with block, flap jack
When partner 2 returns karaoke carry block back

Round 2
Partner side shuffle carry
Partner 1 do sister mary katherines, Partner 2 run down and back, flap jack
Side shuffle carry back

Round 3
Partner 1 carry block down to light post and run back
Partner 2 does merkins
Flap jack
3x then plankorama
Audible LBCs on 3rd round due to merkin overload

Mosey to the wall for wall squats with 15 air presses

Mosey to playground
Partner pull ups (assist if needed)
15,14,13,12,11 (switch between each set)

Wall squats

Mosey to stumps

Partner 1 step ups x 10
Partner 2 CDDs
100 total step ups (50 ea)

Partner 1 dips x 20
Partner 2 squats
100 total dips each

Partner 1 decline merkins x 10
Partner 2 jump squats
100 total declines (50 ea)

Barn Burners back to parking lot for COT

Very little chatter this morning. Very little recovery time. Coincidence? I think not.

A hearty welcome back Kotter to Lex Luthor after his 2 month paternity leave. YHC didn’t see any stretch marks, but who knows what may be going on Under Armour.

Announcements: Brew will be starting up a new moderate workout Thursdays in May, bringing the total count to 3. Site TBD. Good opportunity to bring out those who are a little intimidated or need to ease into fitness. Also great for those coming off the injured reserve list.

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10 years ago

That was a great beatdown to get me back in the mix after the mud run. Battered and bruised a bit with Q-tips still coming out the ears a little black. . . needed to get back in the saddle quick. Wait, that was last week too!

The 75 pullups after starting off with 150 merkins was sadistic. Thanks for the foothold spot. I really need to work on those, but it’s hard to get geared up to do pullups after you’ve already posted that AM and are planning to post early the next AM. That’s all the more reason why more F3 workouts should try to incorporate them. You are a pull-up machine Salt Lick!

– HH

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