Mud Run Recovery – Foxhole Style

Mud Run Recovery – Foxhole Style

Small baby jog around the parking lot

The Thang:

COP all in cadence
SSH x 25
IW x 15
Slow Squats x 15
Toe touches x 15
Merkins x 15

Grab bells and mosey to soccer fields

The challenge
1 burpee, 2 goblet squats, 3 two handed swings
2 burpees, 4 goblet squats, 6 two handed swings
3 burpees, 6 goblet squats, 9 two handed swings
Continue in this pattern to:
10 burpees, 20 goblet squats, 30 two handed swings

KB complex:
RH then LH
1 swing, 1 high pull, 1 snatch, 1 windmill 1 thrushter
Ladder up to 4 reps on each side

Halos – 10 reps in each direction

10 KB deck squats

Enough time for pax led Mary:

Madame Tussaud – Dollys with KB press x 16 in cadence
Honey Bee – LBC x 30 in cadence
Rock Thrill – some combination of heels to heave and dying cockroach – 20 regular count
Mick Check – Flutter kick with KB press x 20 in cadence


Not much to say – YHC knew he would be DR all week so wanted to get in a good one before leaving. Definitely smoked after this one. Not much mumble chatter today – everyone was hard at it, working.
Great job everyone, these complexes are not easy, even when a few reps are all you are doing.
And clearly everyone has been practicing the deck squats – that will definitely become a staple of YHC.
Thanks for the opportunity to lead this great group of SOBs this morning. It is an honor.


Sign up for the F3 Golf Tournament – need to HC by May 15th
Discussion are starting up about the night time Mud Run – July 26th – if entered, lets sound off and do this proper F3 fashion.

That’s all I got – still recovering.

All Pax taking families on spring break trips this week – stay safe.

Champagne out until next time.

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Honey Bee
10 years ago

Great beat down delivered by Champange. I was feeling that all day.

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