Qnniversary for the perpetual War Baby

Qnniversary for the perpetual War Baby

9 men laughed in the face of a rainy Monday and got their weeks started off right at the Foxhole.

The Thang:

Warm up lap around the parking lot.

Grab bells and mosey to the lower parking lot for an initial COP.

SSH X 20

*A reminder from TR and Honeybee to give a dislcaimer.

Disclaimer X 1

IW X 20

Peter Parker Merkins X 15

Side Lunges X 10

Mosey to the middle of the soccer field for a 2 Handed Swing Ladder.

2 H Swing X 20

Run to near corner of the soccer field and back.

2H Swing X 40

Run to the far corner of the soccer field and back.

2H Swing X 60

Run to the other far corner of the soccer field and back.

2H Swing X 80

Run to the other near corner of the soccer field and back.

2H Swing X 100

LBCs with KB X 30

2H Swing X 80

Lunge Walk to the end line and job back

2H Swing X 60

Dolly KB Press X 30

2H Swing X 40

Mosey back to the Launch Point

2H Swing X 20

Freddy Mercury X 20

Burpees X 10



Not much mumblechatter from the pax today.  They were probably hoping YHC was joking about the volume of 2H swings that were on the agenda.  It wasn’t a joke.

TR was alternating his swings with two different kettlebells.  YHC would have called him out for sandbagging but both the bells were probably 50+ pounds.

On a personal note, exactly a year ago today YHC made my first post at Base Camp.   I was given the choice of being named Mighty Mite or Pop Warner based on my history of playing little league at South Charlotte’s athletic fields  The most difficult part about that day(besides the workout) was waking up at 4:45 to make the “long” drive to South Charlotte Middle School.  Luckily, there is now a Monday workout across the street from my house.  Whether I was carrying a log down Park Road at 3 AM, contributing to the worst smelling van in history during the BRR, or just growing stronger with my brothers at many of Area 51’s workouts, I have a lot of great F3 memories from the last year. YHC has met a lot of great people that I’m now happy to call my friends(even though they all tell me how much they hate hate me every morning) and I’m looking forward to some even better times in the years to come.  Aye!


Pay for you bus/sundry costs if you are doing the Mud Run on Saturday.

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10 years ago

My back was as glad to share that log with you as my nose was unhappy to share the van. You are strong in many senses of the word. Good year, and good Q.

Bob Villa
Bob Villa
10 years ago

Well done, Magic Mike!
And yes, I will be using this particular prescription for pain at some point in the future.

Rock Thrill
10 years ago

Thanks for a great lead today and start to the week!
I always look forward to when you are Q because I know I am gonna be smoked in some new way and today was no different. So glad I procrastinated and had not yet upgraded from my sissified 30# KB!
During my time in F3, you have been an inspiration to me, so I am thankful you showed up a year ago, brother!
Thanks for always leading by example by never, ever, “taking a play off.”


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