Nice Morning for a Stroll in the Park

Nice Morning for a Stroll in the Park

18 strong men who didn’t know how to spell Fart Sac, made it out in the gloom this rainy morning for a beat down.

The Thang:

Warm up:
Mosey around the parking lot, and then circle up

25 X SSH
20 X IW
20 X slow squats
10 X Merkins
20 X MC

Then the stroll to the park would begin, head out to 51 and jog to Davie Park
With three stops on the way

The first stop 10 X Merkins
Second 10 X merkins
Third 10 X Carolina Dry Docks

Peoples chair at the latrines until the whole pac arrives

Mosey to play ground
10 X pullup, 10 X Derkins, 10 X step ups, and then a lap around the parking lot

Repeat, Plank until everyone is done

Mary: 20 X LBC, 15 X Dollies

10 X Pullups, 10 X Squats, 10 X Carolina Dry Docks, and then a lap around the parking lot

Repeat, Plank until everyone is done

Mary: 15 X Flutter, 15 X rosalita, 15 X Freddy Mercury

Mosey back from Davie Park to South Charlotte Middle school

Young Love leads some circling lunge walks with 10 count squat breaks:


Job well done today pac, rather large group this morning, I thought we would be in for a light crowd with it being cold and rainy. Nice to see 18 men get out there this morning especially head locking 5 new FNGS Big Top, Clunken, Simba, Bushwood, and Tater Chip, as well as a few FNGs to base camp. Welcome to you all and thanks for the honor of letting me lead this morning, always a pleasure.


Mud run this weekend, pay if you have not paid

New base camp starting up on Thursdays lead by Slimfast and Geraldo

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10 years ago

Nice Q, Fireman Ed. First time I’ve heard the disclaimer read aloud before the workout began – I was worried we were in for some crazy stuff after that. Things got a lot less moderate on the Young Love-led run back from the park to the school. We were at Fast Twitch pace.

10 years ago

Fireman Ed, thanks for a great first F3 workout!

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