Men in Ponchos

Men in Ponchos

The Thang

-Warm Up: SSH / Imperial Walker / Squat / Incline Merkins

-Lunge Walk X 2, with merkins at turnaround

-30 pull ups [done in five sets… 10, 8, 6, 4, 2]

-Decline Merkins / Dips / Squats

-1/4 mile race; 14/mile recovery; 1/4 mile race; 1/4 mile recovery

-LBCs / Flutter / Dolly / LBCs

-10 pull ups

-People’s Chair / Lap Around Track / Decline Merkins

-10 pull ups

-Carolina Dry Dock


-Merkins Medley


  • So, it’s hard to look tough or feel tough in a poncho.  Especially if you pull it from your wife’s side of the closet, which is what I did.  Turns out we wear the same size poncho, lucky for me. 
  • Today’s workout may have lacked in creativity, but got the heart rate up and kept it there. 
  • Not much chatter this morning… just a bit of the usual stuff… giving O’Tannenbaum a hard time about his velcro strap workout shoes; giving Salt Lick a hard time about his love for pull ups, and giving Lobster Roll a hard time for his Frankenstein boots that he wears on inclement weather days.

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