The Tie That Binds

The Tie That Binds

Want to learn to work as a team?  Simply tie yourself to the guy standing next to you, and him to the guy next to him. Today at SPEARHEAD we practiced fundamental elements of teamwork…with Rucks and of course a ton of reps!

The Thang:

Front/Back/Up: 5.42 time.  YHC called out Front/Back/Up’s over and over in random increments

– Front: Non-Stop Merkins

– Back: Non-Stop LBC’s

– Up: Non-Stop Running in Place with RUCKS OVERHEAD

Catch Me If You Can With Rucks

– P1 Burpees x 5

– P2 Farmer Carry Rucks

– Flapjack/Rinse/Repeat

The Tie That Binds: Pax have 2 minutes to connect all rucks and wear them

– Team Bear Crawl x 60 Yards

– Team Slow Squats x 50

– Team Low Crawl x 60 Yards

– Team “He Sees Me; I’m Down” x 60 Yards

– Team (8) Count Body Builders x 25

Ladder of Pain: Performed with Rucks as Kettle Bells

– 10 x Diamond Merkins

– 20 x Single Arm Ruck Snatch Press

– 30 x Upright Ruck Tow

– 40 x Ruck Overhead Press

– 50 x Front Ruck Squats

– 60 x Ruck Good Mornings

– 70 x Monkey Humpers

– 80 x Ruck Bent Over Row

-90 Ruck Press w Flutter Kicks

-100 Ruck Kettle Bell Swings



Strong work out there guys!  With a small group there is no where to hide and today you really impressed me with the over-all effort!  I think it’s time though for us to pitch in and get Double Trouble a Ruck; #bigmanisready!

Today taught us a lot about teamwork.  We were forced to move as a team, which is something that rarely happens at workouts.  Usually, it’s man vs. man and everyone is trying to get ahead of the person next to them (sometimes, if not always, to the determent of the proper form).  If all the time we are thinking of our own personal performance and not looking to the guy next to us, then we might need to step back and think about what all this is about.  It’s not an individual event, but a group of like-minded, highly motivated guys that love the fellowship F3 brings and working out together. Today at SPEARHEAD we tried our best to completely embody the essence of helping your brothers out.  Sometimes It means slowing up your pace or changing how you are performing the exercise so the team can stay together.  One Goal, One Purpose, One Team.

As always, it is an honor to train with such great people.


The Hoff



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