26 (one FNG – Affirmative) showed up early for what may have been intentional running

The Thang
Mosey to Lake parking lot
25 IW IC
15 each leg reverse lunges
25 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to the pull-up bars
Count off by 3s
Group 1: 20 dips on parallel bars, 20 Diamond Pushups
Group 2: 10 pull-ups, 20 jump tucks
Group 3: 30 Burpees (changed to 25 to keep groups moving)
Rotate until you’ve hit each station
Plank – RAH, RLH, REG, LAH, LLH, 6 inches, Recover

Mosey to base of Dunreggan Brae
Sprint to the bridge and plank until all are accounted for
Split up across bridge for people’s chair.
– 1 min,  15 seconds recover
– 1 min with 25 overhead presses

Mosey to parking Garage
Forward lunge on the way to stay together
Run up steps to top floor (5) and down other side
Plank – RAO, LLO, REG, LAO, RLO, Recover

Mary under the Deck with 6 inches
Hold 6 inches if not in Mary
LBC – 30
Dolly – 25
Heels-to-Heaven – 25
Flutter – 25
Protractor – Haggis led.

Mosey home
20 Merkins plus 20 more while we wait for everyone to show.

YHC wasn’t sure he knew what we were going to do today until on the way to workout. May also have been a little self-serving with all the running (10k on Saturday).  Weather certainly had them out today.  Hopefully we will continue to climb!  Great work by all.  Welcome Affirmative

Here is the loop we took:

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