Going deep at Kevlar

Going deep at Kevlar

18 strong men posted at Kevlar for a little running and some other fun stuff. After some good-natured jokes about the Q and here is what we did:


SSH x 25 IC
IW x 20 IC
Merkin x 15 IC
Squat x 15 IC


Jog to courtyard around the back side of the church, mix in some Karaoke, high knees, and butt kicks along the way. Partner up, size doesn’t matter.
P1 runs 1 lap around church while P2 does AMRAP of called exercise, flapjack. Plank when done.
1 – Regular merkins
2 – Deep squats
3 – Diamond merkins
4 – Alternating lunges
5 – Wide arm merkins
6 – Jump squats

Quick mosey to the other courtyard, break into 3 groups
Group 1 – step ups
Group 2 – dips
Group 3 – 15 burpees
Rotate once group 3 is finished with burpees
Repeato x 2 — AUDIBLE after round 1…here comes the bible study group…let’s mosey so as not to disturb.

Mosey to bottom of hill
Jacob’s ladder to 7 burpees, plank at top when done

Mosey back to field

Jack Webb up to 8 merkins x 4 arm raises

– LBC’s x 40 OYO
– Dolly x 20 IC
– Lemon squeeze x 15 OYO

Still time left, 10 burpees OYO

Great work by the pax today. Heard some mumble chatter going on during COP from the direction of Bananas and crew (who else, right?), but was concentrating on counting so couldn’t really tell what the fuss was about. No doubt the laughter was at YHC’s expense. Once we got into it there wasn’t a whole lot of chatter, other than Brown asking “how deep are deep squats”. You can imagine the jokes that were flying after that comment. We’re such a mature bunch. YHC had to call an audible on the group work after the first round so we wouldn’t scare off the 6am bible study group. When in doubt…..head for the hill! We may have done some other Mary exercises, YHC can’t remember. #O2deprivation. Thanks to all for letting me lead this morning, it was an honor and a pleasure. Also thanks to Busch for the strong send-off.

– Mudrun – make payments for sundries, etc via link sent out by Stagecoach. TR has declared his team already in the lead since they are all paid up!
– F3 Golf – sign up! The outing is May 29th so make sure you sign up in the next couple weeks. If you have already HC’d, go ahead and make it official on the website. Spots are filling up. Sponsorships also still available (contact Cottonmouth).

Sound off in comments below if anything was missed.

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