Some Still Love The Ruck

Some Still Love The Ruck

5 Spearhead regulars posted for some ruck fun this am. Funny how post GRC some people just don’t look forward to burpees and merkins with a ruck on while others still savor the suck. Together we circled up and went as far as we could go on the MDora pain train.

The Thang:

All ya got on each step and go as far as you can go in 45 mins

  • Ruck burpees X 40
  • Ruck upright Rows X 50
  • Deep squats X 75
  • Selection Standard Merkins X 75
  • Side Straddle Hop X 100
  • Ruck Kettlebell Swings X 75
  • LBC’s X 100 (regular/left/right/reverse)
  • Ruck Overhead Press X 60
  • Walking Lunges X 60 (30 each leg)
  • Plank Position limb abductions X 120 (30 per limb)
  • One-arm Bent Over Rows X 100 (50 each side)
  • Mountain Climbers X 100 (two-count)
  • Ruck Turkish Get-up X 5 or SSH X 100
  • 50 yard sprints (no ruck) X 14



Good to see some regulars this am come out for a little ruck pain. We were joined by some classic rock that was described by some as “Vietnam War Movie Music” and others as “music in any heroin scene in a movie”. #jimihendrixrocks We needed the distraction as this workout with rucks on just plan drags on. Hats off to injured Hoff who made it through the whole routine with YHC. Remember if anyone is interested Ironhorse is planning a ruck with a purpose to Nicaragua in early May. Come help build a bridge with the community and repair a bridge over a river.

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The Hoff
The Hoff
10 years ago

Cant take full credit on finishing the entire list as I had to modify with 1 legged squats and careful lunges. However, this routine was killer! Nice work Q.

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