The Hills of Piper Glen

The Hills of Piper Glen

8 men defied good judgement and posted at Devil’s Turn for hill intervals in the infamous Piper Glen neighborhood.  By the end, all the PAX questioned that decision.

The plan was simple.  Run 1.25 mi over to Piper Glen via Old Course Rd.  Once Old Course Rd. crossed Piper Glen Rd, the PAX sprinted a 0.25 – 0.3 mi stretch with a massive 2-stage hill which tested the will and intestinal fortitude.  For recovery, the PAX jogged back down to the start to repeat it all over again.  The number of repetitions ranged from 4 to 7.  Once all PAX returned to the parking lot, they had clicked off between 4.5 and 6.5 miles.  Not a bad morning!


– Great effort by all the PAX today!  I’m sure all considered spilling some merlot at some point during the repetitions.  Everyone may not admit it, but you know you considered it.

– The two staged hill in Piper Glen is an absolute beast.  The second hill hits you right as your irrational exuberance is waning.  Absolutely brutal.

– Bratwurst, Frasier, and Turkey Leg absolutely killed it out there today.  At one point, Bratwurst said he was feeling dizzy and YHC and Frasier had a momentary thought of beating him up the hill the last time.  However, 2 seconds later he was off to head up the hill again.  Quite possibly the fasted recovery I have ever seen, and another missed chance to beat him in a running event.


– has a special rate for F3 which creates a custom training plan for BRR training through May.  It should soon be posted on the main F3 site or contact Bratwurst for details.

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10 years ago

with so much spent on house… they had none left for lights… Dark in the gloom. Good run.

Reply to  Wingman
10 years ago

It’s like Kiawah. They don’t want to bother the nesting sea turtles…

10 years ago

And that was a temporary Swoon before that last interval. Couldn’t decide if it was dehydration, cold, or allergies. Ego won out.

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