Preblast: Devil’s Turn – Hill Intervals

Preblast: Devil’s Turn – Hill Intervals

Can you hear that?  The hills of Piper Glen are calling you.  Ignore your better judgement and post at Devil’s Turn for some hill intervals to write your momma about.

Here’s the plan.  We will leave the greenway parking lot on the corner of Rea Rd. and Bevington Place at 5:15am (yes, YHC will be on time this week).

We will run 1.25 miles out to Piper Glen according to the “Warm-up / Cool-down” map included below.  Once we cross Piper Glen Dr, the fun begins.

The hill intervals consist of sprinting 0.25 mi (75 ft elevation gain) up the hill and recovery jog down the hill.  For the 6 mile folks, the intervals will be repeated 7 times for a total of 3.5 miles.  For 4 mile folks, repeat the intervals 3 times and head back.  See the map below for route and elevation graph.

Once the hill interval repetitions are complete, we will head back to the parking lot (1.25 mi) with the satisfying feeling of O2 deprivation.


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