Pays to be a Winner

Pays to be a Winner

23 fine chaps gathered this morning despite early warnings of rain and snow. Turned out to be a fine morning – perfect for a beatdown as follows:

Quick mosey to the grass for an equally quick COP:

– 25x SSH

– 20ish Imperial Walkers (more on this later)

– 10x Windmills

– 25x Mountain Climbers

Hoist the Bells and run to the church entrance. Find a partner with a friendly Bell weight. and line up for another rousing rendition of Catch me if You Can.

– P1: 15 merkins then chase your partner; P2: carry the Bells and run as fast and far as possible; flapjack and repeato as much as necessary. Run around church to far end of the parking lot/ 2nd hill entrance.

Stick with partner, divide up into 2 groups for a little friendly competition (Pays to be a Winner)

Round 1: P1: Run around church; P:2 2-hand Swings. Flapjack and Repeato.

Winner: Group 1 (the lower group aka the “heavyweights”). Winners do 10 burpees, losers get 20.

Round 2: P1: Run to bus (“heavyweights” run to stop sign past bus – life isn’t fair); P:2 curl/press combo move. Flapjack and Repeato.

Winner: Group 2 (the upper group aka  “middleweights”). Winners do 10 burpees, losers get 20.

Round 3: P1: Both groups run to bus; P:2 10 good mornings and AMRAP squats. Flapjack and Repeato.

Winner: Group 1 (the “heavyweights”). No time for burpees – everyone wins!

Hoist the Bells and run back to the grass. One minute left – time for one round of mary.

– 25x flutters with Bell.



– Glad I planned for a short COP this morning. Turns out I couldn’t get it over fast enough. Calling myself out for screwing up the cadence on the most basic of exercises – the Imperial Walker. Surprised I wasn’t heckled more for that one, or maybe I just permanently blocked out that one. Sorry guys – thanks for bearing with me.

– Tried to divide the group up into equal portions of “heavyweights” and “middle weights”. A quick look around revealed that one of the groups was a little, umm, slim. Quickly redistributed in order to give each group a fighting chance.

– Can’t remember much else. From the above, looks like we did a fair bit of running and a fair bit of hefting. Guess that’s why the time flew by.

– Thanks for the opportunity to Q. Always a pleasure leading the PAX.


– 2 new 3rd F’s coming soon. Check the email.


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